Death and the King's Horsemen Character Descriptions

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Amusa - This character is a sergeant in the administration police.

Bride - This character does not speak at all throughout the novel and is engaged to another character.

Iyaloja - This character is the spokesperson of the women in the village. This character also acts as the voice of wisdom throughout the play.

Elesin Oba - This character is particularly important for the play and acted as the horseman of the late king.

Olohun-iyo - This character follows the horseman throughout the play and acts as the voice of the late king.

Jane Pilkings - This character is British and is a bit more understanding about the native customs, yet still believes that they are horrible.

Simon Pilkings - This character is portrayed as being selfish and ignorant to other cultures.

Praise-Singer - This character follows another throughout the play and monitors the progress of...

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