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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it ironic that Ivan resents that his death is trivial?

2. What does Ivan Ilych do for a few hours after seeing himself in the mirror for the first time in quite a while?

3. What has Ivan Ilych used as an escape from reality?

4. Ivan Ilych's chief concern is to what?

5. What did the sight of Ivan Ilych seem to convey to Peter Ivanovich?

Short Essay Questions

1. Initially, how did Ivan react to this self-revelation in Chapter 5?

2. How does Ivan respond to not getting the promotion and why?

3. What is the major conflict in "The Death of Ivan Ilych?" What is a minor conflict in "The Death of Ivan Ilych?"

4. Describe the relationship between Ivan and his wife.

5. In Chapter 2, how does Ivan see his life and why does he think this?

6. Describe how Ivan is torn in Chapter 9 and what affect this has on him?

7. Identify the crisis for Ivan in Chapter 5.

8. How does the author see Ivan's life and why?

9. What does Ivan's self-revelation turn into?

10. When could Ivan have changed his idea of the "good life" in Chapter 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role does religion play in Ivan's dying and death? Support your answer. Does Ivan welcome religion as a comfort while he is dying? Does Ivan scorn religion because he blames God for his death? Does Ivan go along with religious rituals to please his wife as he's gone along throughout his life doing things to please others?

Essay Topic 2

What does Ivan learn from his suffering and death? How does Tolstoy use suffering and death in "The Death of Ivan Ilych?"

Essay Topic 3

What is the discontinuity between how character's act and what they feel throughout the novel? Why is how they act different than how they feel?

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