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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ivan react to his memories?
(a) He turns to them to help ease his pain.
(b) He thinks more and more about them.
(c) He is glad that he is able to have them.
(d) He tries to avoid them but cannot.

2. When Ivan's son enters his room, what does his son do?
(a) He catches Ivan's flailing hand and kisses it.
(b) He stands by his mother silently.
(c) He cries quietly.
(d) He lays his head on Ivan's chest.

3. What does Ivan think he was too quick to do?
(a) Yell at his wife.
(b) Suppress his attempts to resist what others considered good.
(c) Leave his room.
(d) Get up from his sofa.

4. Of what does Ivan's wife try to convince him?
(a) That she loves him more than ever.
(b) That she is sorry he bought the new house.
(c) That he looks better everyday.
(d) That she has ordered the specialist for him.

5. How do most people act toward Ivan?
(a) They avoid him.
(b) They pretend he is not dying.
(c) They are happy to finally be rid of him.
(d) They already mourn his death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ivan realize in Chapter 7?

2. How does Ivan's wife explain why she ordered what she did in Chapter 8?

3. Which character is introduced in Chapter 7?

4. Instead, what does Ivan think about in Chapter 10?

5. What does Ivan find once he feels he is pushed through the hole?

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