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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ivan Ilych's relationship with his wife affect his work?
(a) He misses several days.
(b) He becomes more and more ambitious.
(c) He is unprepared for court.
(d) He becomes close friends with the judge.

2. How does Ivan Ilych's wife react to each child's loss?
(a) She wants to try for another child immediately.
(b) She pretends that the child isn't dead for months.
(c) She decides to have no more children.
(d) She becomes more ill temperered.

3. What is Praskovya Fedorovna's relationship to the main character?
(a) Son.
(b) Wife.
(c) Daughter.
(d) Servant.

4. Which character does Chapter 2 discuss?
(a) Gerasim.
(b) Peter Ivanovich.
(c) Praskovya Fedorovna.
(d) Ivan Ilych.

5. Why does Ivan Ilych marry?
(a) His father-in-law forces him.
(b) It seems expected of him.
(c) He is in love.
(d) He wants his wife's money.

6. What does Ivan Ilych see as "doing his duty?"
(a) To do whatever pleases those in authority.
(b) To serve the judicial system honorably.
(c) To do whatever pleases his wife.
(d) To be the best father to his children.

7. When Peter Ivanovich encounters Ivan Ilych's daughter and fiance, how to they look?
(a) Ready to cry.
(b) Happy together.
(c) Inconvienenced.
(d) Angry.

8. How does Ivan Ilych react to the thought that he is dying?
(a) Sadness.
(b) Fear.
(c) Deep depression.
(d) Rage.

9. How does Ivan Ilych deal with the revelation in Chapter 6?
(a) He plans to stop his daughter's marriage.
(b) He starts finds a suitable book in which to write his memoirs.
(c) He despairs continuously.
(d) He spends more times with his wife.

10. What happens to Ivan Ilych one day as he is adjusting a curtain?
(a) Ivan falls and breaks his leg.
(b) Ivan falls and rips the curtain.
(c) Ivan slips on a stepladder and receives a nasty bruise on his side.
(d) Ivan falls on his wife.

11. Why are his wife and daughter anxious when Ivan Ilych arrives home?
(a) They are anxious to go out.
(b) They are anxious to get the house clean for the party that night.
(c) They are anxious because Ivan had been gone so long.
(d) They are anxious to hear what the doctor had to say.

12. How did Peter Ivanovich learn the fate of the main character?
(a) From an announcement in the judge's chamber.
(b) From Praskovya Fedorovna.
(c) From reading the newspaper.
(d) From a messager sent to tell him.

13. Why does Ivan Ilych's animosity toward his former colleagues vanish?
(a) They give him the promotion when he returns from his leave of absence.
(b) One of his former colleagues asks for his daughter's hand in marriage.
(c) Ivan Ilych's new position places him two steps above them.
(d) He realizes he was being foolish.

14. Who is the main character?
(a) Praskovya Fedorovna.
(b) Vladimir Ivanich.
(c) Ivan Ilych.
(d) Peter Ivanovich.

15. What are the symptoms that Ivan Ilych has?
(a) He is unable to walk and or lift his right arm.
(b) He has gained a lot of weight and limps.
(c) He is thin and yellow.
(d) He had terrible headaches and is balding.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Peter Ivanovich meet first at Ivan Ilych's house?

2. What does Ivan Ilych think of his marriage?

3. To what event did Peter Ivanovich go to on Friday?

4. What has Ivan Ilych's ambitions resulted in?

5. What does Ivan Ilych feel toward what he hears down the hall?

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