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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Ivan Ilych's pain worsen?
(a) When he is upset.
(b) In the evening after dinner.
(c) In the morning after he wakes up.
(d) During the night.

2. Without the distraction of work, what happens to Ivan Ilych?
(a) He falls in love with another woman.
(b) He realizes how much he loves his wife.
(c) He discovers what is wrong with his life.
(d) He falls into a profound depression.

3. Ivan Ilych's chief concern is to what?
(a) To be well enough to attend the party that evening.
(b) To follow doctor's orders exactly.
(c) To continue working at his new job.
(d) To get his wife to listen to him.

4. What is wrong with Ivan Ilych's current job?
(a) The workload is too heavy.
(b) The money isn't enough to keep up with his standard of living.
(c) There's not enough to do.
(d) It's boring.

5. Which character does Chapter 2 discuss?
(a) Praskovya Fedorovna.
(b) Peter Ivanovich.
(c) Gerasim.
(d) Ivan Ilych.

6. What are two of Ivan Ilych's symptoms?
(a) Nose bleeds and a terrible limp.
(b) The weird taste in his mouth and the pain in his side.
(c) The weird taste in his mouth and his craving for blintzes.
(d) Other bruises appear on his body and the pain in his side.

7. What does Ivan Ilych recognize in the doctor's professional air?
(a) Compassion and pity.
(b) Condescension and disdain.
(c) His own attitude toward an accused person in court.
(d) Aloofness and indifference.

8. How does Ivan Ilych deal with the revelation in Chapter 6?
(a) He starts finds a suitable book in which to write his memoirs.
(b) He plans to stop his daughter's marriage.
(c) He spends more times with his wife.
(d) He despairs continuously.

9. Why doesn't Ivan Ilych change his life?
(a) His wife won't let him change it.
(b) He doesn't have enough money to change it the way he wants it.
(c) He has no imagination for creating another life.
(d) He likes his life as it is.

10. What does Ivan Ilych see in the eyes of his brother-in-law?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Shock.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Love.

11. When Ivan Ilych gets home from the doctor, what does he do?
(a) Sits down and takes a nap.
(b) Asks his wife why dinner isn't ready.
(c) Breaks down and sobs uncontrollably.
(d) Tries to tell his wife and daughter everything.

12. How does Ivan try to live?
(a) Carefully, so as not to make his condition worse.
(b) With love in his heart toward all.
(c) Carefree.
(d) As he lived before he was dying.

13. What does Ivan Ilych consider the worst part of death?
(a) That he will never see his new house fully decorated.
(b) That it will take him away from his family.
(c) It allows him no action to take.
(d) The unbearable pain.

14. How many of Ivan Ilych's children die?
(a) 5.
(b) 2.
(c) None.
(d) 3.

15. In the beginning of Chapter 3, what is Ivan Ilych's professional title?
(a) Civil Lawyer.
(b) District Attorney.
(c) Public Prosecutor.
(d) Judge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ivan Ilych finally realizes, after seeing himself in the mirror, that his condition is a question of what?

2. How does Ivan Ilych react to the thought that he is dying?

3. With whom does Ivan Ilych play the game that he enjoys?

4. Who helps Ivan Ilych begin to realize that he is dying?

5. Who did Peter Ivanovich meet first at Ivan Ilych's house?

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