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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ivan Ilych's wife react to his worsening pain?
(a) She chastises him for whining.
(b) She criticizes him for fixing the curtain.
(c) She ignores him.
(d) She insists he see a doctor.

2. With whom does Ivan Ilych play the game that he enjoys?
(a) His son.
(b) Himself.
(c) His wife.
(d) His friends.

3. What is Ivan Ilych forced to do with his thoughts of death?
(a) Ignore them.
(b) Tell his wife about them.
(c) Cry over them incessantly.
(d) Sit there and face them.

4. How much money does Ivan Ilych need to be paid?
(a) Enough to afford to send his son to medical school.
(b) No less than 10,000 rubles.
(c) Enough to buy a summer house.
(d) At least 5,000 rubles.

5. What year is it in the novel?
(a) 1873.
(b) 1865.
(c) 1880.
(d) 1900.

6. What does Ivan Ilych's son's face look like?
(a) Sunburned.
(b) Tearstained.
(c) Freckled.
(d) Dirty.

7. Who is the first character introduced in Chapter 5?
(a) Ivan's doctor.
(b) Ivan's brother-in-law.
(c) Ivan.
(d) Ivan's wife.

8. What does Ivan Ilych admit to himself for the first time after seeing himself in the mirror?
(a) That he really wished he'd gone to medical school instead of becoming a lawyer.
(b) That he is an excellent husband.
(c) That he is a good man.
(d) That he is dying.

9. What has Ivan Ilych's ambitions resulted in?
(a) Tension between he and his wife.
(b) Terrible headaches.
(c) Increasing levels of power at work.
(d) Alienation of his children.

10. What does Ivan Ilych see as "doing his duty?"
(a) To do whatever pleases those in authority.
(b) To serve the judicial system honorably.
(c) To be the best father to his children.
(d) To do whatever pleases his wife.

11. How does Ivan Ilych deal with the revelation in Chapter 6?
(a) He spends more times with his wife.
(b) He despairs continuously.
(c) He starts finds a suitable book in which to write his memoirs.
(d) He plans to stop his daughter's marriage.

12. Why doesn't Ivan Ilych change his life?
(a) His wife won't let him change it.
(b) He has no imagination for creating another life.
(c) He likes his life as it is.
(d) He doesn't have enough money to change it the way he wants it.

13. How many of Ivan Ilych's children die?
(a) 2.
(b) 3.
(c) None.
(d) 5.

14. What does the doctor ignore?
(a) Ivan's ability to pay him.
(b) The question as to whether or not Ivan's case is serious.
(c) Ivan's fear that bruises are starting to spread all over his body.
(d) Ivan's wife's questions.

15. After seeing himself in the mirror, what does Ivan Ilych finally admit to himself?
(a) That he is dying.
(b) That his wife is truly beautiful.
(c) That his daughter is marrying the wrong man.
(d) That he must write his memoirs before it's too late.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two of Ivan Ilych's symptoms?

2. After offering his condolences, what does Peter Ivanovich tell Praskovya Fedorovna?

3. What does Ivan Ilych guess the doctor's prognosis is?

4. To what or whom does Peter Ivanovich refuse to yield to?

5. How does the doctor respond when Ivan Ilych presses him for an answer to the seriousness of his symptoms?

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