The Death of Ivan Ilych Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the setting of Chapter 1?

The setting of Chapter 1 begins in a judge's chambers but, for the most part, the setting of Chapter 1 is Ivan Ilych's house.

2. Name four components of the plot in Chapter 1.

Components of plot in Chapter 1 include Peter Ivanovich reading the newspaper. Peter reads about the death of Ivan Ilych. Peter announces Ivan's death to those in the judge's chambers with him. Each man in the room starts to think about who will fill his post and what promotion this might mean for himself. Several of the men realize they will have to go to the funeral at one o'clock on Friday. Peter arrives at Ivan's home to pay his respects. Ivan's wife pulls Peter aside for a talk. He realizes he is trapped at the funeral and cannot make a short visit. Ivan's wife tells Peter about all her suffering, especially the last three days of Ivan's life. Peter is struck with horror to think of his friend, Ivan, suffering so. Peter feels afraid for himself, but realizes that what happened to Ivan cannot happen to him. Peter tells Ivan's wife that she has gotten all the government will give her for Ivan's death. Peter bows to Ivan's daughter and fiance on the way into the death chamber. Peter sees Ivan's young son's tear-soaked face and thinks of how much the boy looks like Ivan did when he was young. Peter refuses to look at Ivan's body or think any depressing thought during the service. Peter comments to Gerasim about how sad it all is while he is leaving. Gerasim responds that everyone dies according to God's will. Peter makes it to Scwartz's house for the bridge game.

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