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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ivan live in his thoughts?
(a) Happily at home with his family.
(b) In memories of the past.
(c) With his friends in the residence hall when he was at school.
(d) At his old job, having gotten the promotion he expected.

2. What causes Ivan Ilych much distress?
(a) Not being able to continue working at his new job.
(b) The severe pain.
(c) Being constantly on guard against anything that might distress him.
(d) His wife.

3. Who did Peter Ivanovich meet first at Ivan Ilych's house?
(a) Gerasim.
(b) Praskovya Fedorovna.
(c) Schwartz.
(d) Ivan Ilych.

4. When does Ivan recognize that his real life began to ebb?
(a) When he failed to get the promotion at his old job.
(b) When he married.
(c) The more he has gone up in public opinion during his adult life.
(d) The moment he fell off the step ladder.

5. Ivan Ilych finally realizes, after seeing himself in the mirror, that his condition is a question of what?
(a) Whether he can afford his new house now that he is not able to work.
(b) Life or death.
(c) Positive thinking.
(d) Whether the kidney or the appendix is diseased.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who seems to answer Ivan's questions?

2. Who is Ivan's family going to see at the end of Chatper 8?

3. Who does Ivan begin to question in Chapter 9?

4. What does Ivan Ilych think of his marriage?

5. How does Ivan's wife explain why she ordered what she did in Chapter 8?

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