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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gerasim treat Ivan?
(a) The same as everyone else.
(b) He is cheerful and kind and does not pretend Ivan will get well.
(c) As if he will be left some money if he is nice to Ivan.
(d) As though he is glad to see Ivan go.

2. What two things that Ivan Ilych hears down the hall makes him react as he does?
(a) The intruder's stealth and agility.
(b) His family's good health and merriment.
(c) His children's youth and abilities.
(d) His friends' talents and good looks.

3. Who is the first character introduced in Chapter 5?
(a) Ivan's wife.
(b) Ivan.
(c) Ivan's doctor.
(d) Ivan's brother-in-law.

4. What month of Ivan's illness begins Chapter 7?
(a) Second.
(b) Sixth.
(c) Third.
(d) Fourth.

5. What does Ivan Ilych recognize in the doctor's professional air?
(a) Condescension and disdain.
(b) Compassion and pity.
(c) His own attitude toward an accused person in court.
(d) Aloofness and indifference.

Short Answer Questions

1. One evening, Ivan's wife comes into his room to visit dressed how?

2. When Peter Ivanovich encounters Ivan Ilych's daughter and fiance, how to they look?

3. What does Ivan Ilych think will solve his new problem?

4. Why is it ironic that Ivan resents that his death is trivial?

5. What does Ivan Ilych think of his marriage?

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