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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ivan Ilych knows he gave his life to what?
(a) To getting that promotion that he knows he deserves.
(b) The law.
(c) Decorating his house.
(d) His family.

2. What does food become to Ivan?
(a) A distraction from the pain.
(b) Distasteful.
(c) Soothing.
(d) It all taste like iron because of the medication he takes.

3. Is Ivan Ilych successful in understanding this?
(a) Yes, but it takes time to ponder.
(b) Yes, immediately.
(c) No, he cannot.
(d) Yes, most of the time.

4. What does Ivan Ilych try to understand?
(a) How he could not have noticed his wife's beauty sooner.
(b) How his daughter could have accepted such a man's proposal of marriage.
(c) How to arrange his life's work in his memoirs.
(d) That he is dying.

5. How do most people act toward Ivan?
(a) They already mourn his death.
(b) They pretend he is not dying.
(c) They avoid him.
(d) They are happy to finally be rid of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ivan Ilych's animosity toward his former colleagues vanish?

2. Ivan Ilych finally realizes, after seeing himself in the mirror, that his condition is a question of what?

3. What are the symptoms that Ivan Ilych has?

4. Why is Ivan Ilych able to find a new home that will please both him and his wife?

5. What does Ivan Ilych see in the eyes of his brother-in-law?

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