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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What offends Ivan Ilych the most about being passed over for a promotion?
(a) The person promoted is less qualified for the job than he is.
(b) Ivan had been told he was going to get the promotion.
(c) Ivan didn't get an apology from his boss for not promoting him.
(d) Others seem to see his struggles as quite ordinary.

2. What does Ivan Ilych guess the doctor's prognosis is?
(a) It is very bad.
(b) It is not as bad as he thought it was.
(c) It is nothing to worry about.
(d) Ivan doesn't guess at the doctor's prognosis.

3. How does Ivan Ilych's relationship with his wife affect his work?
(a) He misses several days.
(b) He becomes close friends with the judge.
(c) He is unprepared for court.
(d) He becomes more and more ambitious.

4. What did Peter Ivanovich realize as he was speaking to Praskovya Fedorovna?
(a) That Peter Ivanovich would like to marry Praskovya Fedorovna .
(b) That Praskovya Fedorovna talks too much.
(c) That Praskovya Fedorovna just wants to know if there is any additional government grant she can receive.
(d) That Praskovya Fedorovna is very beautiful.

5. Ivan Ilych's chief concern is to what?
(a) To follow doctor's orders exactly.
(b) To be well enough to attend the party that evening.
(c) To get his wife to listen to him.
(d) To continue working at his new job.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Ivan Ilych's pain worsen?

2. How does Ivan Ilych react to his worsening pain?

3. To what event did Peter Ivanovich go to on Friday?

4. When Ivan Ilych gets home from the doctor, what does he do?

5. What does the doctor focus on?

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