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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How bad are the affects of these medicines?
(a) As bad as the pain that they are supposed to relieve.
(b) They make him so sick he tries to avoid taking them.
(c) Not bad at all.
(d) Bad, but at least they relieve the pain.

2. What causes Ivan Ilych much distress?
(a) His wife.
(b) Being constantly on guard against anything that might distress him.
(c) The severe pain.
(d) Not being able to continue working at his new job.

3. What does Ivan Ilych try to understand?
(a) How his daughter could have accepted such a man's proposal of marriage.
(b) How he could not have noticed his wife's beauty sooner.
(c) How to arrange his life's work in his memoirs.
(d) That he is dying.

4. What does Ivan Ilych's wife tell him to do, after he gets back from the doctor?
(a) Take his medicine.
(b) Tell her all about the doctor's visit.
(c) Go to his bed and rest.
(d) Be quiet.

5. How do most people act toward Ivan?
(a) They pretend he is not dying.
(b) They already mourn his death.
(c) They avoid him.
(d) They are happy to finally be rid of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What galls Ivan Ilych to think?

2. What happens to Ivan Ilych one day as he is adjusting a curtain?

3. How does Ivan Ilych's relationship with his wife affect his work?

4. Why does Ivan Ilych have difficulty working?

5. What does the doctor focus on?

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