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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ivan Ilych see as "doing his duty?"
(a) To serve the judicial system honorably.
(b) To do whatever pleases his wife.
(c) To do whatever pleases those in authority.
(d) To be the best father to his children.

2. Why does Ivan Ilych take his family there?
(a) To hide from the law.
(b) For a vacation.
(c) For a visit.
(d) To save money.

3. Even after Ivan Ilych realizes that he is going to die, what kinds of thoughts does he try to think about?
(a) What he needs to do to become healthy again.
(b) Thoughts that he considers more proper and healthy.
(c) How he can spend more time at the office.
(d) How he can stop his daughter's marriage.

4. What major theme of the novel is introduced in Chapter 6?
(a) Leave the curtain the way it is.
(b) Without family we are nothing.
(c) We die as we live.
(d) Working too hard can kill you.

5. How long ago did Ivan Ilych start his career?
(a) 20 years ago.
(b) 6 years ago.
(c) So long ago he can't remember.
(d) 17 years ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. What month of Ivan's illness begins Chapter 7?

2. What profession is Ivan Ilych?

3. In Chapter 6, is Ivan able to replace his thoughts of death?

4. What happens to Ivan Ilych one day as he is adjusting a curtain?

5. What has Ivan Ilych's ambitions resulted in?

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