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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Ivan Ilych need to be paid?
(a) Enough to afford to send his son to medical school.
(b) Enough to buy a summer house.
(c) No less than 10,000 rubles.
(d) At least 5,000 rubles.

2. What happens to Ivan Ilych one day as he is adjusting a curtain?
(a) Ivan falls on his wife.
(b) Ivan falls and breaks his leg.
(c) Ivan slips on a stepladder and receives a nasty bruise on his side.
(d) Ivan falls and rips the curtain.

3. What does Ivan Ilych's wife tell him to do, after he gets back from the doctor?
(a) Tell her all about the doctor's visit.
(b) Take his medicine.
(c) Go to his bed and rest.
(d) Be quiet.

4. Why does Ivan Ilych try to replace thoughts of death?
(a) He thinks he can still get well.
(b) He is too busy to think about it.
(c) He thinks he is being foolish.
(d) To protect himself.

5. What does the doctor ignore?
(a) Ivan's wife's questions.
(b) Ivan's fear that bruises are starting to spread all over his body.
(c) Ivan's ability to pay him.
(d) The question as to whether or not Ivan's case is serious.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ivan Ilych think that his case might not be so serious after all?

2. What does Ivan Ilych do the more he senses that his wife is bored all the time?

3. What does Ivan Ilych think will solve his new problem?

4. Who is Ivan Ilych's wife?

5. Why does Ivan Ilych take his family there?

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