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Objective: Themes in "The Death of Ivan Ilych" are found in Leo Tolstoy's own life. Even Ivan's last name can be found in Tolstoy's father's name: Count Nicolay Ilyich Tolstoy. The objective of this lesson is for students to research and write about the life of Leo Tolstoy, author of "The Death of Ivan Ilych."

1) Before students arrive, break up the life of Tolstoy into sections such as his early life, after the family moves to Moscow, after Tolstoy moves back to the family's estates, life in the army, life after marriage, middle age, shortly before Tolstoy's death. Divide the class into groups of three or four. Using available research equipment/materials (the Internet, books, articles), have each group research the life of Leo Tolstoy. Groups will write 5 facts, in sentences, about that period of Tolstoy's life. Groups will report to the class their findings.
The class...

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