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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Major Brutt get to know Robert Pidgeon?
(a) Robert and Major Brutt are related.
(b) They were wounded and on leave together.
(c) Robert worked for Major Brutt.
(d) Major Brutt worked for Robert.

2. In what time does the novel begin?
(a) 1970s.
(b) 1890s.
(c) 1830s.
(d) 1930s.

3. What did Portia's mother think about Anna?
(a) That she loved her like her own daughter.
(b) That she was stuck up, and probably laughed at the way Portia's family lived.
(c) That she was a sweet girl, and she wished she had gotten to know her better.
(d) That she didn't know her well enough to judge her.

4. Who asks Major Brutt if he knows Robert Pidgeon?
(a) Portia.
(b) Anna.
(c) Thomas.
(d) No one, Major Brutt brought it up.

5. Who answers the door for the visitor in part 1, chapter 7?
(a) Portia.
(b) Anna.
(c) Phyllis.
(d) Matchett.

6. What is the relationship between Dickie and Daphne?
(a) Cousins.
(b) Spouses.
(c) Father and daughter.
(d) Brother and sister.

7. How does Portia know Eddie?
(a) He is a friend of Anna's.
(b) He is her caretaker when Anna and Thomas go on trips.
(c) He is a friend from when she lived in Switzerland.
(d) He is a friend of her parents'.

8. Thomas states that people are "minor in everything but" what?
(a) Their passions.
(b) Their communities.
(c) Their families.
(d) Their work.

9. What did Mrs. Quayne do when she received the news that Portia had been born?
(a) Played the piano until dinner.
(b) Went out to lunch and didn't come back until late.
(c) Shut herself in her room for the rest of the day.
(d) Mrs. Quayne never received the news of Portia's birth.

10. What possession of Portia's does Anna find in chapter 1?
(a) Her jewelry box.
(b) Her porcelain doll.
(c) Her viola.
(d) Her diary.

11. What does Portia ask Matchett in part 1, chapter 6?
(a) What the weather was like on the day she was born.
(b) What Mrs. Quayne looked like.
(c) What Thomas was like as a child.
(d) Whether Mr. and Mrs. Quayne were happy together.

12. What is the school Portia attends like?
(a) It is an expensive school for girls who are out-of-the-ordinary.
(b) It is an expensive school for gifted children.
(c) It is a low-cost school for children with learning disabilities.
(d) It is a public school, and she is sent there because it is low-cost.

13. What does Portia like about Eddie, according to what she tells Lilian?
(a) He is different from any other man she knows.
(b) He is kind and generous.
(c) He treats her well.
(d) He is handsome.

14. Who stops by the Quaynes' home at the beginning of part 1, chapter 7?
(a) Mrs. Quayne.
(b) Major Brutt.
(c) Robert Pidgeon.
(d) Eddie.

15. How does Portia feel about school?
(a) She doesn't like it and gets in trouble a lot.
(b) She enjoys it because it's a challenge.
(c) She enjoys it because it's a break from her home.
(d) She doesn't mind it, but isn't excited about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Major Brutt say about Portia?

2. How does Portia feel about traveling alone?

3. Who comes in while Major Brutt and Thomas are talking?

4. Why does Mrs. Heccomb make Portia nervous?

5. What does Portia think about as she sits in front of the fire in Thomas's study?

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