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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Eddie go back to London on Sunday night?
(a) He promised his landlady he would be back before the weekend was over.
(b) He doesn't want to be around Portia anymore.
(c) He has to take care of his pets.
(d) He has to work in the morning.

2. What did Mrs. Quayne do when she received the news that Portia had been born?
(a) Mrs. Quayne never received the news of Portia's birth.
(b) Played the piano until dinner.
(c) Shut herself in her room for the rest of the day.
(d) Went out to lunch and didn't come back until late.

3. What did Eddie to do Anna that upset her?
(a) He stole a necklace from her.
(b) He refused to see her.
(c) He tried to kiss her.
(d) He raped her.

4. What does Mrs. Heccomb think of Eddie?
(a) She thinks that he is a friend of Matchett's, coming to check up on Portia.
(b) She thinks that he is Portia's boyfriend.
(c) She thinks that he is just a friend of Portia's.
(d) She thinks he is a friend of the Quaynes' who is just coming to check up on Portia.

5. What was the excuse Eddie gave Anna for his behavior toward her?
(a) He was still getting over his other love.
(b) He did not bother to explain his actions to her.
(c) He was worried about money.
(d) He had been drinking too much.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cecil ask Portia at the end of chapter 4?

2. How does Portia respond when Eddie walks away during their argument?

3. Where will Portia be staying while Anna and Thomas are away?

4. Who had Portia's diary for nine days?

5. Who wrote the letter stipulating that Portia was to stay with Anna and Thomas?

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