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Short Answer Questions

1. Poncio and Pedro Vicario are:

2. The Poncio twins lifting their sister by the waist and demanding an answer from her suggests what about her character?

3. Bayardo San Roman has "a way of speaking that...":

4. All of the Vicario children had been raised to:

5. The engagement of Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Roman was shorter than the norm because:

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Santiago's regal bearing and wiping the dirt off of his clothes in his final moments suggest?

2. The magistrate, an objective party, serves what role for the reader?

3. Describe the twins' apparent attitude toward the murder.

4. What is suggested by the mention of starch in relation to Santiago and Poncio Vicario? Santiago cannot stand starch in his clothes, while Poncio Vicario's shirt is so heavily starched it stands up by itself.

5. The narrator's brother seems to foretell Santiago's death as well. Why is this significant?

6. The stab in Santiago's right hand suggests the stigmata of Christ to the priest. In what ways does Santiago serve as a Christ figure?

7. The contrasting motifs of youth and old age suggest what about the characters' values?

8. The author uses the words "tortured" and "terrified" to describe the bride, and the word "devastation" to describe the aftermath of the wedding. How are these words appropriate?

9. What contrasting characteristics does Santiago have?

10. What does the motif of excess suggest in the chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The narrator uses both showing and telling to reveal the details of the story. Write an essay in which evaluate the use of showing and telling in the novel, determining which of the two is most influential in communicating Garcia Marquez' ideas.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the motif of whiteness in the novel. In what situations is the color white emphasized, and which of its connotations contributes to a theme in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

The last line of any piece of writing can deliver or reinforce a powerful message. In the first three chapters, the author uses the last line to name Santiago Nasar and seal his fate as dead or destined to die. What message or purpose does repeating this idea serve?

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