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Short Answer Questions

1. Despite her fear of Santiago, what does Divina Flor do that might help him the morning of his death?

2. What does the author call some of the events that led to Santiago's death?

3. Angela Vicario's brothers want to kill Santiago because:

4. The engagement of Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Roman was shorter than the norm because:

5. Santiago has learned to be careful with a gun because:

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Bayardo San Roman's reaction to the narrator's questions about the murder, and what does it suggest about him?

2. The fact that people are simultaneously celebrating the bishop's visit and condemning Santiago Nasar to death suggests what about the town and its beliefs?

3. The women in the book seem divided in their opinions of the necessity of Santiago's murder. What are their differing opinions?

4. What elements of his character lend to the mystery of Bayardo San Roman?

5. What contrasting characteristics does Santiago have?

6. What does Bayardo San Roman's treatment of Pura Vicario suggest about his character?

7. What does the motif of excess suggest in the chapter?

8. What are some of the images that contribute to the motif of water in the chapter?

9. What birth images or references appear in the chapter to contrast Santiago's death?

10. What evidence of class distinction is symbolized in the chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the statement that "Honor is love," as the narrator's mother would have us believe. Write an essay in which you defend, refute, or qualify this statement.

Essay Topic 2

The setting of the novel is often described merely as "Caribbean." What connotations or associations with the word "Caribbean" might readers have that affect their understanding of the novels events? How does the author use these connotations to explain, justify, or clarify the events and themes of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the contrasting ideas of religion and superstition in the novel. What themes are suggested by these two contrasting ideas? How do both ideas contribute to a larger message?

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