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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The priest laments that a brilliant future was cut short for Santiago because:
(a) His heart was enlarged in his chest.
(b) His brain was larger than the average Englishman's.
(c) His brain was left untouched by the autopsy.
(d) He had so many admirers.

2. Luis Enrique is unable to tell his family what he saw at the milk shop because:
(a) He does not understand what he saw.
(b) He passed out when he got home.
(c) He thought they were all asleep.
(d) He was too terrified to repeat it.

3. Pedro Vicario's guilt manifests itself in what way?
(a) He cannot control his bladder.
(b) He refuses to marry his fiance.
(c) He refuses to eat for eleven months after the murder.
(d) He was awake for eleven months after the murder.

4. The narrator suspects that the San Roman family's excessive show of grief:
(a) Is covering up their secret satisfaction over the failure of the marriage.
(b) Is meant to make the Vicario family feel guilty.
(c) Is concealing another, greater shame.
(d) Is meant to show the townspeople how humble they are.

5. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes handles her grief by:
(a) Having all-night parties.
(b) Excessive drinking.
(c) Barring her doors from the public.
(d) Excessive eating.

Short Answer Questions

1. Most of the concerns that keep people from acting on Santiago Nasar's behalf could be described as:

2. The brothers' plan to murder Santiago is strangely contradicted at Clothilde Armenta's house by:

3. Pablo, the younger twin, finally has to convince his brother to kill Santiago, perhaps because:

4. The twins attribute their health problems to:

5. The townspeople refer to Bayardo San Roman as "poor Bayardo" because:

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