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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes handles her grief by:
(a) Excessive eating.
(b) Having all-night parties.
(c) Barring her doors from the public.
(d) Excessive drinking.

2. Most of the concerns that keep people from acting on Santiago Nasar's behalf could be described as:
(a) Unnecessary.
(b) Self-indulgent.
(c) Disrespectful.
(d) Extreme.

3. Officer Leandro Pornoy, who visited with the twins at Clothilde Armenta's:
(a) Takes away the twins knives and goes home.
(b) Goes to Colonel Aponte to reveal the murder plot.
(c) Gets gored by a bull before he can warn Santiago Nasar.
(d) Gets drunk with the twins because he does not believe they are serious.

4. Father Amador fails to warn Santiago or his mother of the murder plot because:
(a) He is afraid of the Vicario twins' revenge if he should warn Santiago.
(b) He is late for the bishop's visit and decides against visiting Santiago's house.
(c) He does not really believe any harm will come to Santiago.
(d) He is distracted by the bishop's visit and forgets.

5. The purple blotch that appears on Santiago's face is described as:
(a) The shadow of a guilty conscience.
(b) A birthmark.
(c) The shadow of a cloud on water.
(d) A mark of sin.

Short Answer Questions

1. A word that might describe how the twins feel in this situation is:

2. The Nasar's house was crowded because:

3. When the narrator warns Santiago that "A falcon who chases a warlike crane can only hope for a life of pain," he suggests:

4. Christo Bedoya declines to conduct the autopsy because:

5. The dogs panting after Santiago's innards as his body lay in his mother's house might represent:

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