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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Faustino Santos, the twins' friend, reports their claim to:
(a) Victoria Guzman, the cook.
(b) Don Rogelio de la Flor, Clothilde Armenta's husband.
(c) Leandro Pornoy, a police officer.
(d) Poncio Vicario, the twins' father.

2. The repeated foretelling of Santiago Nasar's death suggests:
(a) That Santiago knew he would die that day.
(b) That it was fated or inevitable in such a town and culture.
(c) That it was everyone's plan to murder him.
(d) That it was his punishment for a misspent life.

3. Another contrast of values apparent in the chapter is:
(a) Colonel Aponte becoming a vegetarian.
(b) The narrator digging up old information about the murder.
(c) The hasty funeral caused by the decomposing body.
(d) The whores dying their party clothes to mourning colors.

4. Bayardo's suitcase full of unopened letters suggests:
(a) That he is returning the letters because he does not want them.
(b) That he is unwilling to forgive Angela no matter what she says.
(c) That he wants to pretend nothing has happened since the day they were married.
(d) That he does not need to hear Angela's excuses; he has made mistakes as well.

5. The dogs panting after Santiago's innards as his body lay in his mother's house might represent:
(a) The fate that Santiago deserves.
(b) The spilling of Santiago and Angela's secret.
(c) The savage attitudes of the townspeople toward honor and revenge.
(d) Santiago's consumption of women.

Short Answer Questions

1. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes handles her grief by:

2. The Arab community in the novel is described as:

3. The Colonel treats the twins like:

4. Divina Flor's weeping as she fends off the dogs suggests:

5. The twins attribute their health problems to:

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