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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes never goes to bed with anyone else in Santiago's presence because:
(a) She retired after their affair ended.
(b) She wants to show her respect for him.
(c) She has never gotten over her love for him.
(d) She believes he will seek revenge if she does.

2. The repeated mention of Victoria Guzman watching over the coffee pot and gutting animals connotes which popular image?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A witch.
(c) A fortune teller.
(d) A veterinarian.

3. Poncio Vicario's death is attributed to his "moral pain," which suggests:
(a) He regrets his sons' prison sentences.
(b) He suffered a painful illness due to his blindness.
(c) He knows the murder of Santiago Nasar was not right.
(d) He regrets not killing Santiago Nasar himself.

4. The priest laments that a brilliant future was cut short for Santiago because:
(a) He had so many admirers.
(b) His heart was enlarged in his chest.
(c) His brain was left untouched by the autopsy.
(d) His brain was larger than the average Englishman's.

5. The narrator does not believe Santiago had a guilty conscience that night because:
(a) He continued to court Angela Vicario.
(b) His manner was carefree and celbratory.
(c) He refused to go to the widower Xius's house.
(d) He challenged anyone who did not believe him to a fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. The twins had to carry out the murder plot because they felt:

2. Pura Vicario dresses her daughter in red and wraps her face in a cloth, which suggests:

3. The twins were transferred to:

4. The purple blotch that appears on Santiago's face is described as:

5. The serenade that took place at the widower Xius's house was intended to:

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