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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Another contrast of values apparent in the chapter is:
(a) The hasty funeral caused by the decomposing body.
(b) Colonel Aponte becoming a vegetarian.
(c) The narrator digging up old information about the murder.
(d) The whores dying their party clothes to mourning colors.

2. Angela Vicario decides to write Bayardo San Roman after:
(a) She finds out he still loves her.
(b) She sees him pass by many years later.
(c) He writes her first.
(d) He refuses to speak to her in public.

3. The narrator suspects that the San Roman family's excessive show of grief:
(a) Is concealing another, greater shame.
(b) Is meant to make the Vicario family feel guilty.
(c) Is covering up their secret satisfaction over the failure of the marriage.
(d) Is meant to show the townspeople how humble they are.

4. One of the stab wounds in Santiago's hands is described as resembling the stigmata of Christ, which suggests:
(a) Santiago's innocence.
(b) The priest's fear that the autopsy was a sin.
(c) The priest's belief in Santiago's innocence.
(d) Santiago's religious beliefs.

5. Ironically, the matriarch of the Arab community was responsible for:
(a) Carrying out the revenge against the twins.
(b) Assuaging the twins' guilt.
(c) Curing the Vicario twins' illnesses.
(d) Providing the twins with a place to stay.

Short Answer Questions

1. The twins were transferred to:

2. The twins' actions seem to result from:

3. The brothers' plan to murder Santiago is strangely contradicted at Clothilde Armenta's house by:

4. Officer Leandro Pornoy, who visited with the twins at Clothilde Armenta's:

5. The serenade that took place at the widower Xius's house was intended to:

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