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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator believes Angela Vicario has always exhibited:
(a) A weakness of spirit and an air of helplessness.
(b) A boldness unbecoming to a lady.
(c) A desperation men found stifling.
(d) A poverty of morals and a reckless nature.

2. The narrator believes his mother should have known about the murder plot because:
(a) She always had news before anyone else in the house.
(b) She was a practicing mystic.
(c) She predicted Santiago's life would end tragically.
(d) She was close to Pedro and Pablo Vicario.

3. The bishop's refusal to stop in the village suggests what?
(a) No one in authority cared about the town or its inhabitants.
(b) The town was not in need of help.
(c) The bishop knows of the murder plot.
(d) The bishop, and therefore God, has neglected the town.

4. Ironically, the Vicario brothers were engaged in what activity when they were called home?
(a) They were singing sad songs at the wedding.
(b) They were sharpening their butchering knives.
(c) They were at a brothel with Santiago Nasar.
(d) They were drinking at Clotilde Armenta's

5. Luisa Santiaga is torn in her loyalties because:
(a) She is no longer friends with either the Vicarios or Placida Linero.
(b) She is godmother to both Santiago and Angela.
(c) She is related to the Vicarios, but godmother to Santiago.
(d) She wants to stay at home with her family, but feels a duty to leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator has a hard time believing Santiago was Angela's seducer because:

2. Bayardo San Roman's family could be described as:

3. Bayardo's talk about money and his show of excess at the wedding indicate that he appears to value:

4. The twins who planned to murder Santiago were named:

5. Santiago's house is made out of a former:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author create a sense of inevitability for Santiago's death?

2. Underneath the "proper" appearances of the characters in this chapter, many ugly truths lie. What does this suggest about the townspeople?

3. What birth images or references appear in the chapter to contrast Santiago's death?

4. What does Bayardo San Roman's treatment of Pura Vicario suggest about his character?

5. What are some of the images that contribute to the motif of water in the chapter?

6. How are the twins persuaded to put off the murder until after the bishop's visit?

7. The stab in Santiago's right hand suggests the stigmata of Christ to the priest. In what ways does Santiago serve as a Christ figure?

8. What evidence of class distinction is symbolized in the chapter?

9. What contrasting characteristics does Santiago have?

10. Why does the priest suggest that the autopsy killed Santiago all over again?

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