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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angela Vicario's brothers insist that she:
(a) Uphold the family honor.
(b) Reveal the name of her lover.
(c) Leave the household forever.
(d) Return to her husband and beg forgiveness.

2. The Poncio twins lifting their sister by the waist and demanding an answer from her suggests what about her character?
(a) She is likely to escape if not guarded.
(b) She is powerful, and they must subdue her.
(c) She is helpless and has no will of her own.
(d) She is defiant and childlike.

3. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes' house appears to be:
(a) A sweatshop.
(b) A boarding house.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) A brothel.

4. The bishop's refusal to stop in the village suggests what?
(a) The bishop, and therefore God, has neglected the town.
(b) The bishop knows of the murder plot.
(c) No one in authority cared about the town or its inhabitants.
(d) The town was not in need of help.

5. The twins did not try to convince Angela to marry Bayardo San Roman because:
(a) They thought women should be allowed to make up their own minds.
(b) They felt it was a matter of her honor.
(c) They said it looked to them like women problems.
(d) They were not convinced the wedding would take place.

Short Answer Questions

1. Santiago has learned to be careful with a gun because:

2. To intimidate Santiago Nasar on the morning of his murder, what does Victoria Guzman do?

3. Angela's father sits amidst the confusion of the wedding helpless and blind, which suggests:

4. Poncio and Pedro Vicario are:

5. Bayardo San Roman is described as:

Short Essay Questions

1. What birth images or references appear in the chapter to contrast Santiago's death?

2. What ironies occur on the morning of Santiago's death?

3. Angela's role in her family household suggests what about a typical woman in that town?

4. The women in the book seem divided in their opinions of the necessity of Santiago's murder. What are their differing opinions?

5. The stray bullet that causes so much destruction in the neighbors' houses in Santiago's youth teaches him to be careful with a gun. What irony might this symbolize?

6. Describe Angela's relationship with her mother.

7. What is Bayardo San Roman's reaction to the narrator's questions about the murder, and what does it suggest about him?

8. What does the motif of excess suggest in the chapter?

9. How are the twins persuaded to put off the murder until after the bishop's visit?

10. Though the town seems to support the Vicario twins' actions, where do we see signs of guilt or regret in the chapter?

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