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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who persuades the twins to wait until after the bishop's visit to kill Santiago?
(a) Clotilde Armenta.
(b) Placida Linero.
(c) Divina Flor.
(d) Victoria Guzman.

2. On the day of his death, why was Santiago was unarmed?
(a) He had accidentally left his gun under his pillow.
(b) He was superstitious about carrying a gun in front of the bishop.
(c) He was not wearing his ususal clothes with the gun on his belt.
(d) He promised his mother he would not carry a gun.

3. Bayardo's talk about money and his show of excess at the wedding indicate that he appears to value:
(a) What money can buy him.
(b) What cannot be purchased with money.
(c) What others have.
(d) What makes others happy.

4. Margo insists that Santiago:
(a) Watch out for Pedro and Pablo Vicario.
(b) Stay at his grandparents' house.
(c) Go home and rest.
(d) Join them at home for breakfast.

5. Luisa Santiaga is torn in her loyalties because:
(a) She wants to stay at home with her family, but feels a duty to leave.
(b) She is related to the Vicarios, but godmother to Santiago.
(c) She is no longer friends with either the Vicarios or Placida Linero.
(d) She is godmother to both Santiago and Angela.

Short Answer Questions

1. Santiago's house is made out of a former:

2. Poncio and Pedro Vicario are:

3. Santiago is joined at the pier by the narrator and which two others?

4. The Poncio twins lifting their sister by the waist and demanding an answer from her suggests what about her character?

5. Santiago's mood as he leaves his home for the last time is described as:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Santiago Nasar.

2. What is significant about the fact that the bishop is visiting to bless the town on the day Santiago Nasar is to be murdered?

3. Describe the reunion between Bayardo San Roman and Angela Vicario.

4. What do the conflicting descriptions of Bayardo San Roman suggest?

5. Why does Christo Bedoya fail to warn Santiago about the murder?

6. What is significant about those who claim it was raining on the morning of the murder, and those who claim it was not?

7. What might be the author's purpose in saving the details of the murder for the last chapter?

8. The magistrate, an objective party, serves what role for the reader?

9. Why does the priest suggest that the autopsy killed Santiago all over again?

10. What does the motif of excess suggest in the chapter?

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