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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angela Vicario decides to write Bayardo San Roman after:
(a) He writes her first.
(b) She sees him pass by many years later.
(c) He refuses to speak to her in public.
(d) She finds out he still loves her.

2. Santiago's autopsy has to be performed in a hurry because:
(a) The Nasars' dogs have begun to eat the body.
(b) The heat is extreme and the body is decomposing.
(c) The townspeople want to desecrate the remains.
(d) Santiago's coffin is prepared and waiting for him.

3. Ironically, the priest had to use what implements to perform the autopsy?
(a) Garden tools.
(b) Kitchen utensils.
(c) Craftsmen's tools.
(d) Silverware.

4. The narrator does not believe Santiago had a guilty conscience that night because:
(a) He challenged anyone who did not believe him to a fight.
(b) His manner was carefree and celbratory.
(c) He continued to court Angela Vicario.
(d) He refused to go to the widower Xius's house.

5. The narrator suspects that the San Roman family's excessive show of grief:
(a) Is covering up their secret satisfaction over the failure of the marriage.
(b) Is meant to make the Vicario family feel guilty.
(c) Is concealing another, greater shame.
(d) Is meant to show the townspeople how humble they are.

6. A word that might describe how the twins feel in this situation is:
(a) Excited.
(b) Paralyzed.
(c) Trapped.
(d) Elated.

7. One of the stab wounds in Santiago's hands is described as resembling the stigmata of Christ, which suggests:
(a) Santiago's innocence.
(b) Santiago's religious beliefs.
(c) The priest's belief in Santiago's innocence.
(d) The priest's fear that the autopsy was a sin.

8. Santiago Nasar's tendency to disguise the girls' identities might suggest that:
(a) He wants to make Maria Alejandrina Cervantes jealous.
(b) He tries to create confusion for others to disguise his own actions.
(c) He wants women to forget themselves or their inhibitions in bed.
(d) He wants to confuse the girls so no one remembers him.

9. The narrator learns that the Vicario twins:
(a) Tried to find someone to stop them from the killing.
(b) Hid out until the murder so they could not be stopped.
(c) Turned themselves in only after they were surrounded.
(d) Acted on behalf of their mother's wishes.

10. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes never goes to bed with anyone else in Santiago's presence because:
(a) She believes he will seek revenge if she does.
(b) She retired after their affair ended.
(c) She wants to show her respect for him.
(d) She has never gotten over her love for him.

11. Pablo Vicario goes on to:
(a) Become a metalsmith and marries his fiance.
(b) Enlist in the army and disappears in the jungle.
(c) Become a metalsmith and dies in his fathers shop.
(d) Marry his fiance and dies shortly thereafter.

12. The townspeople refer to Bayardo San Roman as "poor Bayardo" because:
(a) They believe he is the only true victim.
(b) He never marries again.
(c) He was not really wealthy after all.
(d) He remains in the widower Xius house, never to be seen again.

13. When Clothilde Armenta says "That day I realized just how alone we women are in the world," she implies:
(a) That women are always being deserted by men in pursuit of honor.
(b) That men can never be found at home when they are needed.
(c) That women are ruled by reason while men are ruled by passions.
(d) That women are often responsible for restoring order by calming the passions of men.

14. When the narrator warns Santiago that "A falcon who chases a warlike crane can only hope for a life of pain," he suggests:
(a) That women scorned will seek revenge.
(b) That a woman who profits from his love will only hurt him.
(c) That women will only lead to tragedy in the end.
(d) That a man who pursues a woman whose business is love, he is destined to be hurt.

15. The mayor's asks the priest to perform the autopsy instead of a medically trained person because:
(a) He is trying to get his revenge on Santiago's family.
(b) He is too inexperienced to know how to perform the autopsy himself.
(c) He is too proud to admit he does not know how to proceed with the examination.
(d) He feels guilty for having failed to warn Santiago.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bayardo's statement, "Well, here I am," suggests:

2. The twins had to carry out the murder plot because they felt:

3. Santiago Nasar's pure white linen suit suggests:

4. The fact that the narrator does not remember rain on the day of the murder suggests:

5. Faustino Santos, the twins' friend, reports their claim to:

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