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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The fact that the narrator does not remember rain on the day of the murder suggests:
(a) That he himself understands the matter on some level.
(b) That he was hiding out at the whorehouse.
(c) That he wanted Santiago Nasar to die.
(d) That he is too traumatized to remember.

2. The repeated foretelling of Santiago Nasar's death suggests:
(a) That it was his punishment for a misspent life.
(b) That it was everyone's plan to murder him.
(c) That it was fated or inevitable in such a town and culture.
(d) That Santiago knew he would die that day.

3. The narrator's dream about the voracious child, on the heels of his thought on Santiago's horrific death, might suggest:
(a) The narrator feels Santiago deserved his death.
(b) The appetites of the town's women led to disaster.
(c) Maria Alejandrina's eating had awoken him.
(d) The demands of the community were extreme and had consequences.

4. Faustino Santos, the twins' friend, reports their claim to:
(a) Victoria Guzman, the cook.
(b) Don Rogelio de la Flor, Clothilde Armenta's husband.
(c) Poncio Vicario, the twins' father.
(d) Leandro Pornoy, a police officer.

5. Though the Vicario brothers defend their actions, they can not seem to get rid of:
(a) Their need for revenge.
(b) The smell of the drinking from the night before.
(c) The smell of Santiago Nasar's blood on their clothes and bodies.
(d) Their anger at their sister's behavior.

6. Christo Bedoya declines to conduct the autopsy because:
(a) He was such close friends with Santiago.
(b) He hasn't taken the medical exam yet.
(c) He is still angry at Santiago's behavior.
(d) He feels guilty for murdering Santiago.

7. The priest laments that a brilliant future was cut short for Santiago because:
(a) His heart was enlarged in his chest.
(b) His brain was left untouched by the autopsy.
(c) His brain was larger than the average Englishman's.
(d) He had so many admirers.

8. The court that tries the Vicario twins decides:
(a) They acted honorably in defense of their sister.
(b) They will be punished in the afterlife.
(c) They are mentally unfit to stand trial.
(d) They will both be hanged.

9. The Colonel treats the twins like:
(a) Naughty children.
(b) Worthy adversaries.
(c) Worthless drunks.
(d) Hostile enemies.

10. Ironically, the priest had to use what implements to perform the autopsy?
(a) Garden tools.
(b) Craftsmen's tools.
(c) Silverware.
(d) Kitchen utensils.

11. Bayardo's statement, "Well, here I am," suggests:
(a) That he is now ready to hear her explanations.
(b) That he has been there all along.
(c) That he has come to confront her about her behavior.
(d) That he knows what Angela wants and has forgiven her.

12. Another contrast of values apparent in the chapter is:
(a) The narrator digging up old information about the murder.
(b) The hasty funeral caused by the decomposing body.
(c) Colonel Aponte becoming a vegetarian.
(d) The whores dying their party clothes to mourning colors.

13. Officer Leandro Pornoy, who visited with the twins at Clothilde Armenta's:
(a) Takes away the twins knives and goes home.
(b) Goes to Colonel Aponte to reveal the murder plot.
(c) Gets gored by a bull before he can warn Santiago Nasar.
(d) Gets drunk with the twins because he does not believe they are serious.

14. The narrator suspects that the San Roman family's excessive show of grief:
(a) Is concealing another, greater shame.
(b) Is covering up their secret satisfaction over the failure of the marriage.
(c) Is meant to show the townspeople how humble they are.
(d) Is meant to make the Vicario family feel guilty.

15. Pablo, the younger twin, finally has to convince his brother to kill Santiago, perhaps because:
(a) Pedro is resistant to any kind of authority.
(b) Pedro is cowardly since his return from the military.
(c) Pedro has been to war and knows what it is to kill a man.
(d) Pedro has lost his sense of duty since returning from the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pablo Vicario goes on to:

2. Prudencia Cotes, Pablo Vicario's fiancee, makes it clear that she:

3. The twins' actions seem to result from:

4. When the others in the meat market complain of hangovers or of missing the cake at the wedding, how do the twins reply?

5. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes handles her grief by:

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