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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes refuses to believe that the twins came to her place looking for Santiago because:
(a) She did not allow the twins entrance to her place.
(b) She claims they were not allowed to visit her establishment.
(c) She does not remember the events of that evening clearly.
(d) She claims they never would have left.

2. Angela Vicario decides to write Bayardo San Roman after:
(a) She sees him pass by many years later.
(b) He refuses to speak to her in public.
(c) He writes her first.
(d) She finds out he still loves her.

3. The dogs panting after Santiago's innards as his body lay in his mother's house might represent:
(a) The savage attitudes of the townspeople toward honor and revenge.
(b) The fate that Santiago deserves.
(c) Santiago's consumption of women.
(d) The spilling of Santiago and Angela's secret.

4. The Colonel treats the twins like:
(a) Worthy adversaries.
(b) Naughty children.
(c) Hostile enemies.
(d) Worthless drunks.

5. One of the stab wounds in Santiago's hands is described as resembling the stigmata of Christ, which suggests:
(a) The priest's belief in Santiago's innocence.
(b) The priest's fear that the autopsy was a sin.
(c) Santiago's innocence.
(d) Santiago's religious beliefs.

6. The narrator's recounting of Colonel Lazaro Aponte's mundane morning details reveals:
(a) The Colonel is far too distracted by the bishop's visit to warn Santiago Nasar.
(b) The Colonel has not been warned about the murder plot either.
(c) The Colonel believes Santiago Nasar should die.
(d) The Colonel is more interested in his own concerns than in warning Santiago Nasar.

7. Poncio Vicario's death is attributed to his "moral pain," which suggests:
(a) He regrets not killing Santiago Nasar himself.
(b) He knows the murder of Santiago Nasar was not right.
(c) He regrets his sons' prison sentences.
(d) He suffered a painful illness due to his blindness.

8. Clothilde Armenta correctly assumes that:
(a) The twins do not really want to kill Santiago, but are duty-bound.
(b) The twins have more knives hidden away to kill Santiago.
(c) Santiago Nasar is already aware of the twins' plot.
(d) Colonel Aponte has only made the twins more resourceful by his actions.

9. The narrator suspects that the San Roman family's excessive show of grief:
(a) Is meant to show the townspeople how humble they are.
(b) Is concealing another, greater shame.
(c) Is covering up their secret satisfaction over the failure of the marriage.
(d) Is meant to make the Vicario family feel guilty.

10. Officer Leandro Pornoy, who visited with the twins at Clothilde Armenta's:
(a) Takes away the twins knives and goes home.
(b) Gets gored by a bull before he can warn Santiago Nasar.
(c) Goes to Colonel Aponte to reveal the murder plot.
(d) Gets drunk with the twins because he does not believe they are serious.

11. Ironically, the priest had to use what implements to perform the autopsy?
(a) Silverware.
(b) Kitchen utensils.
(c) Garden tools.
(d) Craftsmen's tools.

12. The narrator learns that the Vicario twins:
(a) Tried to find someone to stop them from the killing.
(b) Hid out until the murder so they could not be stopped.
(c) Turned themselves in only after they were surrounded.
(d) Acted on behalf of their mother's wishes.

13. The Vicario family:
(a) Leaves the town, plotting to return and help the brothers escape.
(b) Gives the mayor a bribe to help them escape the town.
(c) Leaves the town, never to return.
(d) Guards the prisoners in prison with shotguns.

14. Though Bayardo has aged in many ways, Angela says she sees him:
(a) As she saw him the first time.
(b) As a happier man than she remembered.
(c) Just the same as he was on their wedding day.
(d) With a greater love than ever before.

15. Colonel Lazaro Aponte:
(a) Is tired of breaking up fights, and lets the matter go.
(b) Talks to the twins and decides they are bluffing.
(c) Takes the twins' knives away.
(d) Forgets all about the murder plot.

Short Answer Questions

1. The priest describes the autopsy as:

2. Faustino Santos, the twins' friend, reports their claim to:

3. The author differentiates between his sisters by calling them:

4. The repeated mention of Victoria Guzman watching over the coffee pot and gutting animals connotes which popular image?

5. Bayardo's suitcase full of unopened letters suggests:

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