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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Colonel treats the twins like:
(a) Naughty children.
(b) Worthy adversaries.
(c) Worthless drunks.
(d) Hostile enemies.

2. Though the Vicario brothers defend their actions, they can not seem to get rid of:
(a) Their need for revenge.
(b) The smell of Santiago Nasar's blood on their clothes and bodies.
(c) The smell of the drinking from the night before.
(d) Their anger at their sister's behavior.

3. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes refuses to believe that the twins came to her place looking for Santiago because:
(a) She claims they never would have left.
(b) She does not remember the events of that evening clearly.
(c) She did not allow the twins entrance to her place.
(d) She claims they were not allowed to visit her establishment.

4. Officer Leandro Pornoy, who visited with the twins at Clothilde Armenta's:
(a) Gets drunk with the twins because he does not believe they are serious.
(b) Gets gored by a bull before he can warn Santiago Nasar.
(c) Goes to Colonel Aponte to reveal the murder plot.
(d) Takes away the twins knives and goes home.

5. Ironically, the priest had to use what implements to perform the autopsy?
(a) Garden tools.
(b) Craftsmen's tools.
(c) Kitchen utensils.
(d) Silverware.

6. The narrator learns that the Vicario twins:
(a) Hid out until the murder so they could not be stopped.
(b) Turned themselves in only after they were surrounded.
(c) Tried to find someone to stop them from the killing.
(d) Acted on behalf of their mother's wishes.

7. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes never goes to bed with anyone else in Santiago's presence because:
(a) She has never gotten over her love for him.
(b) She wants to show her respect for him.
(c) She retired after their affair ended.
(d) She believes he will seek revenge if she does.

8. The narrator does not believe Santiago had a guilty conscience that night because:
(a) He continued to court Angela Vicario.
(b) He challenged anyone who did not believe him to a fight.
(c) His manner was carefree and celbratory.
(d) He refused to go to the widower Xius's house.

9. The Vicario family:
(a) Leaves the town, never to return.
(b) Guards the prisoners in prison with shotguns.
(c) Leaves the town, plotting to return and help the brothers escape.
(d) Gives the mayor a bribe to help them escape the town.

10. The repeated mention of Victoria Guzman watching over the coffee pot and gutting animals connotes which popular image?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A veterinarian.
(c) A witch.
(d) A fortune teller.

11. Angela is frightened that:
(a) Her mother will come and frighten him away.
(b) Bayardo has come to force her to confess.
(c) Bayardo may not feel enough love for her to forgive her aging.
(d) Bayardo will still be angry after seventeen years.

12. Most of the concerns that keep people from acting on Santiago Nasar's behalf could be described as:
(a) Disrespectful.
(b) Self-indulgent.
(c) Unnecessary.
(d) Extreme.

13. Pablo, the younger twin, finally has to convince his brother to kill Santiago, perhaps because:
(a) Pedro is resistant to any kind of authority.
(b) Pedro has lost his sense of duty since returning from the military.
(c) Pedro is cowardly since his return from the military.
(d) Pedro has been to war and knows what it is to kill a man.

14. Pura Vicario dresses her daughter in red and wraps her face in a cloth, which suggests:
(a) Appearances are important in the Vicario family.
(b) Pura Vicario has plans to abandon her daughter in the streets.
(c) Mourning has no place in the Vicario family.
(d) Pura Vicario is in mourning.

15. Why does Father Carmen Amador perform Santiago's autopsy?
(a) The town's doctor is still drunk from the wedding festivities.
(b) Santiago's mother insists that only a priest may touch her son's body.
(c) Santiago's mother does not trust the town doctor or Christo Bedoya, the medical student.
(d) The town's doctor is gone at present, and no one else was qualified and willing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pablo Vicario goes on to:

2. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes handles her grief by:

3. The Arab community in the novel is described as:

4. The narrator is lured away from his friends by Maria Alejandrina Cervantes, who is described as:

5. Another contrast of values apparent in the chapter is:

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