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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Santiago objects to Victoria's actions toward the rabbits because:
(a) He does not believe in killing defenseless animals.
(b) She wastes the meat instead of cooking it.
(c) He believes they are as precious as human beings.
(d) She guts them savagely and feeds the guts to the dogs.

2. Santiago's statement about his own wedding is ironic because:
(a) He claims life will be too short to tell others about it.
(b) His wedding was a small, simple affair.
(c) He claims his wedding will be the biggest the town has ever seen.
(d) He never plans to marry.

3. Divina Flor claims she did not warn Santiago about the murder plot against him because:
(a) She thought Santiago was already a ghost because his touch was cold.
(b) She was only a child, incapable of making her own decisions.
(c) She was afraid of her mother that morning.
(d) She thought the murder plot was a joke.

4. The narrator believes Angela Vicario has always exhibited:
(a) A boldness unbecoming to a lady.
(b) A desperation men found stifling.
(c) A weakness of spirit and an air of helplessness.
(d) A poverty of morals and a reckless nature.

5. Victoria Guzman has reason to distrust Santiago because:
(a) Santiago has attempted to seduce Victoria.
(b) Santiago has told her his intentions.
(c) Santiago's mother has warned Victoria about him.
(d) Victoria herself was his father's mistress.

6. What is ironic about Placida Linero's comment that all dreams about birds mean good health?
(a) Santiago is allergic to birds.
(b) Santiago has a headache on this particular morning.
(c) This morning's dream foretells Santiago's death.
(d) This morning's dream foretold an illness for Santiago.

7. The motif of blindness in the chapter suggests:
(a) A desire to hide in the dark.
(b) A desire to deceive others.
(c) A refusal to face situations without help.
(d) An unwillingness to see or acknowledge the truth.

8. Another event that adds to the mystery of Bayardo San Roman is that:
(a) He is two hours late for his own wedding.
(b) He is nowhere to be found on his wedding day.
(c) He returns Angela to her home.
(d) He is cold and aloof toward Angela.

9. What might Santiago's dreams of trees symbolize?
(a) The dreams seem to indicate a new love for Santiago.
(b) The dreams seem to indicate delight over a secret.
(c) The dreams seem to indicate feelings of guilt and inadequacy.
(d) The dreams seem to indicate a fear of heights.

10. Bayardo San Roman has "a way of speaking that...":
(a) ...Conveyed urgency.
(b) ...Disguised what he had come to town for.
(c) ...Did not allow him to be known at first sight.
(d) ...Served to conceal rather than reveal.

11. Angela's feelings toward Bayardo San Roman might be described as:
(a) Fearful and concerned.
(b) Curious and excited.
(c) Bashful and withdrawn.
(d) Contemptuous and resentful.

12. The widower Xius' house and his possessions are symbolic of what?
(a) His refusal to deal with aging.
(b) His religious beliefs.
(c) His inability to move on in his life.
(d) His values and his memories.

13. The twins did not try to convince Angela to marry Bayardo San Roman because:
(a) They felt it was a matter of her honor.
(b) They said it looked to them like women problems.
(c) They were not convinced the wedding would take place.
(d) They thought women should be allowed to make up their own minds.

14. Pura Vicario's silent beating of her daughter suggests:
(a) She has conflicting duties as disciplinarian and protector of the family.
(b) She doesn't want anyone else in the family to learn about Angela.
(c) She is so angry she has no words for Angela.
(d) She has no power of her own.

15. Ironically, the Vicario brothers were engaged in what activity when they were called home?
(a) They were at a brothel with Santiago Nasar.
(b) They were singing sad songs at the wedding.
(c) They were drinking at Clotilde Armenta's
(d) They were sharpening their butchering knives.

Short Answer Questions

1. People like San Roman because:

2. What noise does Divina Flor hear when Santiago leaves the house?

3. To intimidate Santiago Nasar on the morning of his murder, what does Victoria Guzman do?

4. Santiago is joined at the pier by the narrator and which two others?

5. The narrator describes Angela Vicario as "the creature of [Bayardo's] torment," which suggests:

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