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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The widower Xius does not want to sell his house or the belongings inside of it because:
(a) He can not get enough money for his possessions.
(b) He does not respect Bayardo San Roman.
(c) It is all part of a vast collection he does not want to break up.
(d) It all has sentimental value for him.

2. Luisa Santiaga assumes that the noise in the streets is caused by:
(a) The bishop's arrival.
(b) Santiago's murder.
(c) The wedding party starting up again.
(d) The roosters crowing at the dock.

3. Bayardo San Roman's family could be described as:
(a) Wealthy and ostentatious.
(b) Vain and unpredictable.
(c) Traditional and stoic.
(d) Greedy and scheming.

4. Angela's father sits amidst the confusion of the wedding helpless and blind, which suggests:
(a) He refuses to see Angela as a grown woman.
(b) He is losing his mind.
(c) He opposes his daughter's marriage.
(d) He is unprepared and powerless in these events.

5. The white linen clothes Santiago wears on the day of his death make him look:
(a) Like he never went to bed.
(b) Like a bride.
(c) Like he is wearing pajamas.
(d) Like a ghost.

6. Pura Vicario believes her daughters will make excellent wives because:
(a) They are not interested in their individuality.
(b) They have been raised to suffer.
(c) They are not confident enough to pursue their own goals.
(d) They have been raised to serve men.

7. The motif of blindness in the chapter suggests:
(a) A desire to deceive others.
(b) An unwillingness to see or acknowledge the truth.
(c) A refusal to face situations without help.
(d) A desire to hide in the dark.

8. The weather on the day of Santiago's death is described by the townspeople as:
(a) Mournful.
(b) Holy.
(c) Supernatural.
(d) Funereal.

9. To intimidate Santiago Nasar on the morning of his murder, what does Victoria Guzman do?
(a) Burns him with his coffee.
(b) Violently guts rabbits in front of him.
(c) Hires the Vicario twins to threaten him.
(d) Threatens to tell Santiago's mother what he has been up to.

10. The narrator has a hard time believing Santiago was Angela's seducer because:
(a) He thinks Santiago was in love with someone else.
(b) Santiago has a strict religious upbringing.
(c) He was best friends with Santiago and knew all his secrets.
(d) He knows there was a feud between the Nasars and the Vicarios.

11. Who persuades the twins to wait until after the bishop's visit to kill Santiago?
(a) Divina Flor.
(b) Clotilde Armenta.
(c) Placida Linero.
(d) Victoria Guzman.

12. Santiago's statement about his own wedding is ironic because:
(a) He never plans to marry.
(b) His wedding was a small, simple affair.
(c) He claims life will be too short to tell others about it.
(d) He claims his wedding will be the biggest the town has ever seen.

13. Santiago objects to Victoria's actions toward the rabbits because:
(a) He does not believe in killing defenseless animals.
(b) She guts them savagely and feeds the guts to the dogs.
(c) He believes they are as precious as human beings.
(d) She wastes the meat instead of cooking it.

14. Pura Vicario knows bad news is coming because of what?
(a) Devastation of the wedding party.
(b) Three slow knocks on the door.
(c) Paleness of her daughter.
(d) Drunkards singing outside.

15. Bayardo San Roman returns his bride to her parents because:
(a) She confesses to love another.
(b) She is not a virgin.
(c) She has no inheritance.
(d) She does not love him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pura Vicario's silent beating of her daughter suggests:

2. Divina Flor claims she did not warn Santiago about the murder plot against him because:

3. The narrator believes his mother should have known about the murder plot because:

4. Clotilde Armenta allowed the twins to wait for Santiago in:

5. Bayardo San Roman has "a way of speaking that...":

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