Chronicle of a Death Foretold Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is suggested by the recurring crowing of roosters, and the bishop's love of cocks' comb soup?

The crowing roosters suggest bragging or boastful men, or a possible feud between men. The bishop enjoys soup made from only the roosters' combs, but then wastes the rest of the rooster. This suggests that the man is dispensable if his "manliness" is in question.

2. The stray bullet that causes so much destruction in the neighbors' houses in Santiago's youth teaches him to be careful with a gun. What irony might this symbolize?

The destruction of neighbors' houses is exactly what is caused by Santiago's dalliance with Angela. Though Santiago has learned to be careful with guns, and "never forgot the lesson of that accident," he causes emotional destruction in his neighbor's house when he takes Angela's virginity and later causes her shame.

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