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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The widower Xius does not want to sell his house or the belongings inside of it because:
(a) He does not respect Bayardo San Roman.
(b) It is all part of a vast collection he does not want to break up.
(c) He can not get enough money for his possessions.
(d) It all has sentimental value for him.

2. Another contrast of values apparent in the chapter is:
(a) The hasty funeral caused by the decomposing body.
(b) The whores dying their party clothes to mourning colors.
(c) Colonel Aponte becoming a vegetarian.
(d) The narrator digging up old information about the murder.

3. Clearly the Vicario brothers:
(a) Disregard the law whenever it suits them.
(b) Don't know if they have killed the right person.
(c) Know what they have done is against the law, but feel justified.
(d) Plan to escape punishment by claiming they acted in defense of honor.

4. The author differentiates between his sisters by calling them:
(a) My sister Margot and My sister Ignacia.
(b) My sister Margot and My sister the nun.
(c) My sister the spinster and My sister the nun.
(d) My favorite sister and My other sister.

5. Santiago objects to Victoria's actions toward the rabbits because:
(a) She wastes the meat instead of cooking it.
(b) He does not believe in killing defenseless animals.
(c) She guts them savagely and feeds the guts to the dogs.
(d) He believes they are as precious as human beings.

Short Answer Questions

1. Christo Bedoya declines to conduct the autopsy because:

2. Poncio Vicario's death is attributed to his "moral pain," which suggests:

3. The juxtaposition of Santiago's massacred body and his elaborate coffin suggests:

4. The narrator is lured away from his friends by Maria Alejandrina Cervantes, who is described as:

5. The story begins as Santiago Nasar:

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