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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Santiago's departure from his house on the morning of his death was unusual because:
(a) He left so early in the morning.
(b) He left in his pajamas.
(c) He left through the front door, which was forbidden by his mother.
(d) He left through the front door, which was reserved for special occasions.

2. Santiago objects to Victoria's actions toward the rabbits because:
(a) She wastes the meat instead of cooking it.
(b) She guts them savagely and feeds the guts to the dogs.
(c) He believes they are as precious as human beings.
(d) He does not believe in killing defenseless animals.

3. Bayardo San Roman is described as:
(a) Around twenty-five, with one failed marriage, and snobby parents.
(b) Around forty, with silver hair and pale skin.
(c) Around thirty years old, with tan skin and golden eyes.
(d) Around twenty-one, with his own fortune, and a good name.

4. Victoria Guzman distrusts Santiago because:
(a) She is afraid he will try to marry her daughter, Divina Flor.
(b) She knows he is not a good businessman.
(c) She thinks he seduced Angela Vicario.
(d) She knows he will take advantage of her daughter, Divina Flor.

5. Poncio and Pedro Vicario are:
(a) Priests.
(b) Butchers.
(c) Soldiers.
(d) Carpenters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Clothilde Armenta correctly assumes that:

2. Why does Placida Linero believe that the bishop won't get off the boat?

3. Angela Vicario's brothers want to kill Santiago because:

4. Victoria Guzman has reason to distrust Santiago because:

5. The narrator describes Angela Vicario as "the creature of [Bayardo's] torment," which suggests:

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