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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Santiago objects to Victoria's actions toward the rabbits because:
(a) He does not believe in killing defenseless animals.
(b) She wastes the meat instead of cooking it.
(c) He believes they are as precious as human beings.
(d) She guts them savagely and feeds the guts to the dogs.

2. Angela's appearance when she arrives at home suggests:
(a) She physically fought with Bayardo San Roman, or he beat her.
(b) She behaved badly and was punished.
(c) She tried to escape him and he caught her.
(d) She refused to leave the wedding party.

3. What significant event happens for the narrator at the wedding?
(a) He proposes to Bayardo's sister.
(b) He reveals Angela and Santiago's affair.
(c) He proposes to Mercedes Barcha.
(d) He overhears the brothers' plot to kill Santiago.

4. Pura Vicario's silent beating of her daughter suggests:
(a) She is so angry she has no words for Angela.
(b) She has no power of her own.
(c) She has conflicting duties as disciplinarian and protector of the family.
(d) She doesn't want anyone else in the family to learn about Angela.

5. People like San Roman because:
(a) Has access to endless resources.
(b) He is swimming in gold.
(c) He is capable and religious.
(d) He is honest and has a good heart.

Short Answer Questions

1. The twins did not try to convince Angela to marry Bayardo San Roman because:

2. Luisa Santiaga assumes that the noise in the streets is caused by:

3. Bayardo's talk about money and his show of excess at the wedding indicate that he appears to value:

4. The engagement of Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Roman was shorter than the norm because:

5. Bayardo San Roman has "a way of speaking that...":

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