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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Divina Flor claims she did not warn Santiago about the murder plot against him because:
(a) She was only a child, incapable of making her own decisions.
(b) She thought Santiago was already a ghost because his touch was cold.
(c) She was afraid of her mother that morning.
(d) She thought the murder plot was a joke.

2. Victoria Guzman has reason to distrust Santiago because:
(a) Santiago's mother has warned Victoria about him.
(b) Santiago has told her his intentions.
(c) Santiago has attempted to seduce Victoria.
(d) Victoria herself was his father's mistress.

3. On the day of his death, why was Santiago was unarmed?
(a) He was not wearing his ususal clothes with the gun on his belt.
(b) He promised his mother he would not carry a gun.
(c) He was superstitious about carrying a gun in front of the bishop.
(d) He had accidentally left his gun under his pillow.

4. What is ironic about Placida Linero's comment that all dreams about birds mean good health?
(a) Santiago is allergic to birds.
(b) This morning's dream foretold an illness for Santiago.
(c) This morning's dream foretells Santiago's death.
(d) Santiago has a headache on this particular morning.

5. Who persuades the twins to wait until after the bishop's visit to kill Santiago?
(a) Clotilde Armenta.
(b) Placida Linero.
(c) Divina Flor.
(d) Victoria Guzman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Victoria Guzman distrusts Santiago because:

2. The weather on the day of Santiago's death is described by the townspeople as:

3. Why can't Santiago stand starch in his clothes?

4. Santiago felt completely covered in bird droppings when he woke. What might that suggest?

5. Despite her fear of Santiago, what does Divina Flor do that might help him the morning of his death?

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