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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Colonel treats the twins like:
(a) Hostile enemies.
(b) Worthy adversaries.
(c) Naughty children.
(d) Worthless drunks.

2. Who persuades the twins to wait until after the bishop's visit to kill Santiago?
(a) Divina Flor.
(b) Placida Linero.
(c) Victoria Guzman.
(d) Clotilde Armenta.

3. The fact that Christo Bedoya can not tell the twins apart implies:
(a) Their individual identity is not as important as the crime they commit.
(b) They are so much alike that they can not have individual thoughts.
(c) He was not paying attention.
(d) They are a product of a racist culture.

4. Bayardo San Roman has "a way of speaking that...":
(a) ...Conveyed urgency.
(b) ...Disguised what he had come to town for.
(c) ...Did not allow him to be known at first sight.
(d) ...Served to conceal rather than reveal.

5. The narrator reports that he found only 322 pages of the magistrate's 500 page report, which suggests:
(a) The narrator feels he has done enough to uncover the details.
(b) The full story and its consequences will remain unknown.
(c) Part of the report had been stolen or destroyed purposefully.
(d) The full story is too long and tedious to explore fully.

Short Answer Questions

1. The weather on the day of Santiago's death is described by the townspeople as:

2. The townspeople consoled themselves about the murder by telling themselves:

3. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes refuses to believe that the twins came to her place looking for Santiago because:

4. Pura Vicario believes her daughters will make excellent wives because:

5. Nahir Miguel treats Santiago Nasar:

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