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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Victoria Guzman has reason to distrust Santiago because:
(a) Victoria herself was his father's mistress.
(b) Santiago has attempted to seduce Victoria.
(c) Santiago has told her his intentions.
(d) Santiago's mother has warned Victoria about him.

2. The priest laments that a brilliant future was cut short for Santiago because:
(a) His heart was enlarged in his chest.
(b) He had so many admirers.
(c) His brain was left untouched by the autopsy.
(d) His brain was larger than the average Englishman's.

3. Angela Vicario's brothers insist that she:
(a) Leave the household forever.
(b) Uphold the family honor.
(c) Reveal the name of her lover.
(d) Return to her husband and beg forgiveness.

4. A word that might describe how the twins feel in this situation is:
(a) Elated.
(b) Excited.
(c) Trapped.
(d) Paralyzed.

5. One of the stab wounds in Santiago's hands is described as resembling the stigmata of Christ, which suggests:
(a) The priest's belief in Santiago's innocence.
(b) The priest's fear that the autopsy was a sin.
(c) Santiago's religious beliefs.
(d) Santiago's innocence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angela Vicario's continued insistence that Santiago Nasar was her "perpetrator" implies:

2. After the murder, Pedro and Pablo Vicario express:

3. Bayardo San Roman is described as:

4. The narrator does not believe Santiago had a guilty conscience that night because:

5. Despite her fear of Santiago, what does Divina Flor do that might help him the morning of his death?

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