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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bayardo San Roman has "a way of speaking that...":
(a) ...Conveyed urgency.
(b) ...Disguised what he had come to town for.
(c) ...Did not allow him to be known at first sight.
(d) ...Served to conceal rather than reveal.

2. The townspeople refer to Bayardo San Roman as "poor Bayardo" because:
(a) They believe he is the only true victim.
(b) He never marries again.
(c) He was not really wealthy after all.
(d) He remains in the widower Xius house, never to be seen again.

3. Santiago Nasar's tendency to disguise the girls' identities might suggest that:
(a) He tries to create confusion for others to disguise his own actions.
(b) He wants to confuse the girls so no one remembers him.
(c) He wants to make Maria Alejandrina Cervantes jealous.
(d) He wants women to forget themselves or their inhibitions in bed.

4. The priest describes the autopsy as:
(a) Being the work of savage dogs.
(b) Having killed Santiago all over again.
(c) Being the work of that barbarian the mayor.
(d) Having scarred him for life.

5. Most of the concerns that keep people from acting on Santiago Nasar's behalf could be described as:
(a) Unnecessary.
(b) Self-indulgent.
(c) Extreme.
(d) Disrespectful.

Short Answer Questions

1. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes' house appears to be:

2. The narrator last sees Santiago Nasar walking along the river with:

3. The narrator learns that the Vicario twins:

4. The emotion Angela Vicario most clearly expresses when all is revealed is:

5. Pablo Vicario goes on to:

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