Chronicle of a Death Foretold Character Descriptions

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Colonel Aponte - See Lazaro Aponte

Lazaro Aponte - The head of the police, this character takes little action toward the twins, as he does not take their threat too seriously.

Clotilde Armenta - This character is the owner of the milk shop where the killers slept and awaited Santiago.

Cristo Bedoya - A friend of Santiago and of the narrator, this character tries unsuccessfully to warn Santiago of the murder plot.

Maria Cervantes - Tender and beautiful but strict, this character owns the brothel.

Purisima del Carmen - This character is the mother of Angela and the twins, Pedro and Pablo, and a former schoolteacher.

Divina Flor - Seeing Santiago always overwhelms this character, Victona Guzman's daughter, who feels threatened by Santiago and does nothing to warn him of the murder plot.

Victoria Guzman - Cook for the Nasar family, and formerly Ibrahim Nasar's mistress...

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