Chronicle of a Death Foretold Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• A first person narrator tells the story of the murder of Santiago Nasar twenty-seven years after the fact.

• Santiago Nasar, a wealthy land owner, wakes after a night's revels and dresses in his formal clothes to go see the bishop arrive to bless the town.

• Reflecting on the day, Santiago's mother, Placida Linero, remembers him saying he dreamed of trees, and that he was groggy and took aspirin for a headache.

• Santiago stops in the kitchen for coffee laced with alcohol, and is served by the cook's beautiful daughter, Divina.

• The cook, Victoria Guzman, sees Santiago's interest in her daughter and threatens him.

• Santiago leaves the house by the front door, only used for special occasions, and does not see the warning someone has placed under his door.

• Pedro and Pablo Vicario, the murderers, sleep outside by the milk shop and wake when Santiago passes, but decide...

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