Objects & Places from Death, the High Cost of Living

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New York City

The city where Sexton lives and meets Didi, the girl who claims to be Death.


The city where Mad Hettie lives before traveling to find Didi.


The nightclub where Sexton and Didi see Foxglove play and where Theo finds Didi.


The record label that signs Foxglove after the producer meets Sexton.

Los Angeles

The city where Steve Furnival, Sexton's father, lives with his girlfriend.

Central Park

The place where Sexton and Didi sit at the fountain, and the place where Didi 'dies'.

The Basement

This is where the Eremite holds Sexton and Didi captive.


The symbol that Didi wears around her neck that the Eremite says represents the power of life and death.

The Nesting Doll

Sexton finds this while in the basement with Didi.

Robbin's Grocery

The shop that is on the first floor of the building Didi lives in...

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