Death, the High Cost of Living Character Descriptions

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This character is a teenage girl who happens to be Death, seeking to better understand human life and mortality.

Sexton Furnival

This character is a sixteen-year-old boy who is planning on killing himself.

Mad Hettie

This character is a witch who lives in London on the streets, and is considered a homeless beggar by most.

Amelia Robbins

This character runs the little shop on the ground floor of the building.

The Eremite

This character is a blind religious hermit intent on taking the Ankh and defeating Death.


This character is tough and street-wise, though not smart, and longs for true power though he has no desire for wisdom.


This character is a bit flighty and clueless and runs a restaurant for a living.

Billy Ling

This character is a handicapped boy who spends his days in the hallway, watching people go by.

Hazel McNamara


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