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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 22, what type of handkerchiefs do Race and Poirot find in Richetti's cabin?

2. In chapter 29, who does Poirot suggest was drugged the night Linnet was murdered?

3. In chapter 27, for what reason does Poirot give that Pennington could not have committed Linnet's murder?

4. In chapter 31, how does Poirot react to the murder of Simon Doyle?

5. In chapter 31, who shoots Simon Doyle a second time?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 19, who does Simon Doyle ask to see? For what reason?

2. In chapter 31, what happens when Jackie and Simon are escorted off of the cruise ship to be turned over to police custody?

3. In chapter 28, what does Cornelia learn about her aunt that upsets her? Why?

4. In chapter 20, why do Race and Poirot have all the passengers searched? What are they looking for?

5. In chapter 30, how does Jackie respond when Poirot confronts her with the truth?

6. In chapter 26, why does Poirot accuse Mr. Fanthrop of lying about his true identity? What reason does Mr. Fanthrop give for being on the cruise ship?

7. In chapter 31, who does Cornelia announce she plans to marry? For what reason?

8. In chapter 29, who does Poirot finally accuse of being Linnet, the maid, and Mrs. Otterbourne's killers?

9. In chapter 25, how does Pennington respond when Poirot and Race confront him about the use of his gun in the murder of Mrs. Otterbourne?

10. In chapter 29, what does Poirot suggest was the motive for the murder of Linnet Doyle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Jackie remain in the saloon long after everyone has left in chapter 12? Who does she encourage to remain with her? For what reason? With whom does Jackie pick a fight? For what apparent reason? How does this person respond to Jackie? What happens when Jackie pulls out a gun? Where does the gun end up? Who takes Jackie from the room? For what reason? Where is Jackie taken? Who is assigned to remain with Jackie? How does this provide Jackie with an alibi the following morning?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Rosalie Otterbourne? What is her relationship to Poirot? How do most people see Rosalie upon first meeting her? What is Rosalie's mother like? What does Mrs. Otterbourne do for a living? How does this occupation embarrass Rosalie? For what reason? Who is Tim Allerton? How are the characters of Tim and Rosalie similar? How are they different? Why does Tim dislike Rosalie upon their first meeting? Is this opinion likely to change as the novel progresses? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Why is Jackie following Linnet on her honeymoon? To what purpose does Jackie find it necessary to harass Linnet in the way that she is? What does Poirot ask Jackie to stop doing? What advice does Poirot give to Jackie concerning evil? What does Jackie show to Poirot while they discuss Linnet? What is the significance of this item? Why does Jackie think that her conversation with Poirot was overheard? Who could have been listening? To what purpose?

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