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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 24, who bursts into Dr. Bessner's cabin and claims to know who the killer is?

2. In chapter 24, who does Poirot see walking toward the scene of the most recent shooting?

3. In chapter 31, what weapon does the killer of Simon Doyle use?

4. In chapter 26, why does Pennington say he had not motive to kill Linnet?

5. In chapter 28, who has helped explain kleptomania to Cornelia?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 24, which passengers are immediate suspects in the death of Mrs. Otterbourne? Why?

2. Who is missing in chapter 22? Where is she found?

3. In chapter 19, what does Miss Otterbourne finally admit to Poirot? Why does Poirot think that Miss Otterbourne is continuing to lie to him?

4. In chapter 25, how does Cornelia react to the proposal of Mr. Ferguson? Why does Miss van Schuyler at first refuse to consider Mr. Ferguson as a suitor for her niece, but later thinks differently?

5. In chapter 24, why is Mrs. Otterbourne killed?

6. In chapter 23, what do Poirot and Race find while investigating the death of Linnet Doyle's maid?

7. In chapter 27, with what does Poirot confront Tim Allerton?

8. In chapter 29, who does Poirot finally accuse of being Linnet, the maid, and Mrs. Otterbourne's killers?

9. In chapter 21, what does Poirot discover about the pearls?

10. In chapter 18, Poirot and Race interview Mr. Pennington. Who does Mr. Pennington suggest is the killer? What reason does Mr. Pennington give for quickly leaving the interview?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss one of the following relationships in detail, citing quotes from the novel to support your conclusions:

1) Simon and Jackie

2) Ferguson and Cornelia

3) Rosalie and Tim

4) Tim and Joanna.

Essay Topic 2

Who is Pennington? How does he explain running into Simon and Linnet on their honeymoon? What does Pennington tell Poirot about his relationship to Linnet and her family? What does Pennington attempt to have Linnet do while on the cruise ship? Who interferes with this process? For what reason? What kind of business woman is Linnet? What impact might this have on her future? How is Linnet almost injured while visiting some temples? Who does Simon blame for this attack on his wife? Who is really responsible?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Jackie? What happened to Jackie's family money? Why is this significant? Who is Simon? How does Jackie feel about Simon? What does Poirot overhear Jackie and Simon talking about? What does Poirot take from this conversation? How does Jackie know Linnet? Why does Jackie go to Linnet for help? What kind of help does Jackie ask for? What is Linnet's response? What does this say about the relationship between Jackie and Linnet?

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