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Short Answer Questions

1. What threat does Linnet Doyle claim has been made against her?

2. Whose gun was found in the river by ship's personnel in chapter 16?

3. Why does Mrs. Allerton say she thought her son would enjoy sharing a table with Hercule Poirot aboard the cruise ship?

4. Why does Simon Doyle ask to speak with Poirot in chapter 6?

5. What did Miss van Schuyler lose in chapter 12 that becomes an issue in chapter 16?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 15, what common thing do three of the passengers report hearing about the time of the murder? What does this cause Poirot to believe happened just after the murder?

2. What is significant about the relationship between Tim and Joanna? Why does Tim make a point of telling Linnet about this relationship?

3. What does Jackie show Poirot in chapter 5? What is significant about this item?

4. In chapter 6, what advice does Poirot give to Simon Doyle about evading Jackie in the future?

5. In chapter 12, how does Simon end up getting shot? How does he react to the person responsible?

6. In chapter 6, who does Simon Doyle tell Poirot Mr. Pennington is? What is significant about Pennington's running into Linnet and Simon on their honeymoon?

7. What does Linnet ask Poirot to do in regards to Jackie in chapter 4? What does Poirot tell Linnet he will do?

8. What is the most significant thing about the character of Linnet Ridgeway as she is introduced in chapter 1?

9. In chapter 4, why does Linnet Doyle approach Poirot? What does she ask of him?

10. In chapter 14, Poirot and Race interview Simon Doyle about the death of his wife. Who does Simon immediately defend as the murderer? Who does Simon suggest might have committed the murder?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What one thing do several of the passengers report hearing about the time of the murder? What is significant about this? What do the sailors find in the river upon searching at Poirot's request? What is this item wrapped in? What is significant about this? What bothers Poirot about this? Who saw Rosalie at the railings about the time of the murder the night before? What was Rosalie doing? Why does Rosalie initially deny being on the deck? Who did Rosalie see that night? Why does she refuse to tell anyone about this sighting? What comes of this information?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Hercule Poirot? What does he do for a living? How do people know about Poirot and his career choices? Where does Poirot choose to go on vacation? How does his fame interfere with Poirot's vacation? How does Poirot come to meet Linnet Ridgeway? What significant event has taken place in Linnet's life in the past six months? How has it changed Linnet's life? Why does Linnet seek out Poirot's advice during her honeymoon? What does Linnet hope Poirot can do for her? Can he?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Miss Van Schuyler? Where is she from? What is significant about her relationship with her niece, Cornelia? Describe Cornelia. How do the characters of Cornelia and Miss Van Schuyler compare? How are they different? How does Cornelia's personality compare to the other young women introduced in chapters one and two? Rosalie? Jackie? Linnet?

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