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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 17, what basic instinct does Mrs. Otterbourne attribute to most murders?
(a) The class instinct.
(b) The sexual instinct.
(c) The primitive instincts.
(d) The mothering instinct.

2. In chapter 25, why does Ferguson claim Cornelia had a motive to kill Linnet Ridgeway Doyle?
(a) Linnet made fun of Cornelia for her appearance.
(b) Linnet stole a lover from Cornelia.
(c) Linnet's father fired Cornelia's father without cause.
(d) Linnet's father caused the ruination of Cornelia's father.

3. In chapter 17, what does Rosalie Otterbourne say could cause her accuser to be wrong about what she/he saw?
(a) He was looking through dirty eyeglasses.
(b) He was drunk.
(c) She is half blind.
(d) She was dreaming.

4. In chapter 26, why does Pennington say it would have been better if Simon Doyle were in charge of Linnet Doyle's finances?
(a) Pennington simply prefers working with a man.
(b) He does not insist on reading every document he signs.
(c) He has a better head for business.
(d) He would be easier to fool with devious business deals.

5. In chapter 24, where was Jackie when the most recent shooting took place?
(a) Walking with Mr. Allerton.
(b) On the deck.
(c) Sitting in the salon.
(d) Her cabin.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 18, what reason does Rosalie give Poirot for lying about her presence on the deck the night before?

2. In chapter 18, Mr. Pennington suggests who might be the murderer?

3. In chapter 24, what danger does Miss Bowers suggest Simon Doyle faces if he does not reach a hospital soon?

4. In chapter 24, who bursts into Dr. Bessner's cabin and claims to know who the killer is?

5. In chapter 25, who does Poirot claim Mr. Ferguson really is?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 25, how does Cornelia react to the proposal of Mr. Ferguson? Why does Miss van Schuyler at first refuse to consider Mr. Ferguson as a suitor for her niece, but later thinks differently?

2. In chapter 20, who does Poirot and Race find has the pearls?

3. In chapter 17, Miss Otterbourne refutes everything that Miss van Schuyler said about her in a previous chapter. Could Miss van Schuyler be lying? For what purpose?

4. In chapter 23, what do Poirot and Race find while investigating the death of Linnet Doyle's maid?

5. In chapter 19, who does Simon Doyle ask to see? For what reason?

6. In chapter 24, why is Mrs. Otterbourne killed?

7. In chapter 25, how does Pennington respond when Poirot and Race confront him about the use of his gun in the murder of Mrs. Otterbourne?

8. In chapter 30, how does Jackie respond when Poirot confronts her with the truth?

9. In chapter 21, what does Poirot discover about the pearls?

10. In chapter 17, what is the attitude of Mr. Ferguson when Poirot and Race interview him? What might this indicate?

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