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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 17, who claims that he heard a sound like a champagne cork popping, the possible sound of Jackie's shot in the salon?
(a) Mr. Fanthrop.
(b) Mr. Allerton.
(c) Mr. Ferguson.
(d) Mr. Richetti.

2. In chapter 29, who does Poirot suggest killed Linnet Doyle?
(a) Simon Doyle.
(b) Mr. Pennington.
(c) Cornelia Robson.
(d) Jackie de Bellefort.

3. In chapter 24, who does Poirot see walking toward the scene of the most recent shooting?
(a) Mr. Pennington.
(b) Tim Allerton.
(c) Mr. Fanthrop.
(d) Mr. Richetti.

4. In chapter 23, what does Poirot openly accuse Rosalie Otterbourne of lying about?
(a) Of knowing where the pistol spotted in her bag is.
(b) Of seeing someone in Linnet's cabin the night of her murder.
(c) Of knowing who owns the knife that killed the maid.
(d) Of seeing who killed the maid.

5. In chapter 27, where does Poirot suggest someone hid the real pearl necklace stolen from Linnet Doyle?
(a) Inside a rosary.
(b) Inside a liquor bottle.
(c) In a collection of cheap souvenirs.
(d) In the hallowed out space of a book.

6. In chapter 31, what weapon does the killer of Simon Doyle use?
(a) A pearl handled pistol that matches the murder weapon in the Linnet Doyle case.
(b) Rosalie Otterbourne's pistol.
(c) Mr. Richetti's pistol.
(d) Mr. Pennington's pistol.

7. In chapter 26, why does Pennington say it would have been better if Simon Doyle were in charge of Linnet Doyle's finances?
(a) He does not insist on reading every document he signs.
(b) Pennington simply prefers working with a man.
(c) He has a better head for business.
(d) He would be easier to fool with devious business deals.

8. In chapter 30, who has been sitting with Jackie de Bellefort?
(a) Mr. Allerton.
(b) A stewardess.
(c) Miss Bowers.
(d) Simon Doyle.

9. In chapter 21, why do Poirot and Race decide to search the boat even though the pearls have been discovered?
(a) They think the theif has stolen other goods.
(b) They want to look for evidence in the murder.
(c) They believe the killer has another weapon.
(d) They want to prevent another murder.

10. In chapter 26, what is it about Mr. Fanthrop's tie that Poirot thinks points to a certain level of behavior?
(a) The tie suggests membership in a special, secret society.
(b) The tie tells Poirot that Fanthrop grew up in a certain class of people.
(c) The tie suggests Fanthrop's profession is of a medical nature.
(d) His tie is Old School, therefore Fanthrop should behave by a certain rule of behavior.

11. In chapter 25, why does Ferguson claim Cornelia had a motive to kill Linnet Ridgeway Doyle?
(a) Linnet's father caused the ruination of Cornelia's father.
(b) Linnet stole a lover from Cornelia.
(c) Linnet's father fired Cornelia's father without cause.
(d) Linnet made fun of Cornelia for her appearance.

12. In chapter 18, what reason does Rosalie give Poirot for lying about her presence on the deck the night before?
(a) She was afraid of revealing who she saw leaving Linnet's cabin.
(b) She was afraid of admitting to her mother's vice.
(c) She was afraid of being accused of murder.
(d) She was afraid of the murderer coming after her next.

13. In chapter 30, why does Jackie claim Poirot has no evidence against her and Simon?
(a) She thinks they were too clever to leave evidence.
(b) She has since gotten rid of all the evidence.
(c) It would be his word against theirs.
(d) His evidence is mostly circumstantial.

14. In chapter 20, what does Poirot say he is experiencing trouble with?
(a) Deciding to have for lunch.
(b) Deciding who the killer is.
(c) Having a package sent from Egypt to England.
(d) Having his souvenirs packaged by the crew.

15. In chapter 25, how does Poirot suggest the killer got away so quickly after the third shooting?
(a) He or she slipped into a nearby cabin.
(b) He or she jumped over the railing to the deck below.
(c) He or she hid in a nearby service room.
(d) He or she pretended to be part of the curious crowd that gathered.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 17, Rosalie Otterbourne outright denies accusations that she was threw something overboard the night before. Who made this accusation?

2. In chapter 20, to whom does Poirot whisper before he leaves the dining room?

3. In chapter 21, who do Poirot and Race claim they would like to interview next?

4. In chapter 28, who assures Cornelia that everything outside of the actual evidence against the killer is being concealed?

5. For what reason does Mrs. Otterbourne suggest Miss Bowers might be Linnet's killer in chapter 17?

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