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1. What is the most significant thing about the character of Linnet Ridgeway as she is introduced in chapter 1?

The most significant thing about the introduction of Linnet Ridgeway in chapter 1 is her great wealth. The author makes it clear that Linnet is very young and very wealthy, making her both ruthless in her purchases and vulnerable to those who might want to take advantage of her in order to gain from her wealth. Linnet has bought an estate in England that has been in one family for many generations, making her unpopular with her neighbors. At the same time, Linnet is expected to marry a man who is older than her and whom she does not have particularly warm feelings toward.

2. In chapter 2, what scene does Poirot witness between Linnet, Simon, and Jackie? What is significant about this scene?

In chapter 2, Poirot witnesses a scene between Linnet, Simon, and Jackie. The scene appears friendly from a distance, just friends greeting one another, but when Poirot recalls having seen Simon and Jackie in a restaurant six months previously, it becomes clear that Jackie and Simon were once lovers, but Simon is now married to Jackie's friend, Linnet. This implies that Jackie has been harassing Simon and Linnet in an attempt to get revenge for a broken heart.

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