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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrapped around the gun when the ship's personnel find it in the river?
(a) Miss van Schuyler's fur stole.
(b) A small pillow.
(c) A woman's petticoat.
(d) A man's jacket.

2. Who do Race and Poirot agree in chapter 15 they do not trust?
(a) Cornelia Robson.
(b) Rosalie Otterbourne.
(c) Linnet's maid.
(d) Simon Doyle.

3. Who does Poirot overhear talking to one another at the end of chapter 9?
(a) Tim Allerton and Cornelia.
(b) Tim Allerton and Rosalie Otterbourne.
(c) Mr. Fanthrop and Rosalie Otterbourne.
(d) Mr. Fanthrop and Cornelia.

4. Why does Jackie pull a gun on Simon Doyle in chapter 12?
(a) He attacked her.
(b) Her insulted her.
(c) She thinks she can force him to agree to a divorce at gunpoint.
(d) She promised to kill him rather than let another woman have him.

5. In chapter 21, who are Race and Poirot told took the pearls from Linnet Doyle's room?
(a) Mr. Tim Allerton.
(b) Mrs. Otterbourne.
(c) Cornelia Robson.
(d) Miss van Schuyler.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what table does Mrs. Allerton note in chapter 7 Jackie de Bellefort has been placed?

2. What do many of the vacationers notice about Rosalie Otterbourne's behavior early in the novel?

3. Why does Cornelia think Rosalie is so reserved?

4. In chapter 18, why does Poirot think Rosalie hesitates before saying she saw no one on the deck when she went there to throw overboard her mother's items?

5. In chapter 10, with whom does Cornelia tour the sights?

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