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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Poirot refuse to accept a paying customer in chapter 4?
(a) He is outside his jurisdiction.
(b) He is unqualified for the job.
(c) He is on vacation.
(d) He dislikes the prospective customer.

2. In chapter 7, who does Poirot overhear saying that they must go through with it now?
(a) Jackie de Bellefort.
(b) Simon Doyle.
(c) Rosalie Otterbourne.
(d) Tim Allerton.

3. Who does Linnet Doyle claim has been following her while on her honeymoon?
(a) Jackie de Bellefort.
(b) Mr. Pennington.
(c) Rosalie Otterbourne.
(d) Tim Allerton.

4. In what point of view is the novel written?
(a) Third person omniscient.
(b) First person.
(c) Second person.
(d) Third person limited.

5. With whom does Poirot tour Ez-Zebua in chapter 9?
(a) Mrs. Allerton.
(b) Rosalie.
(c) Mrs. Otterbourne.
(d) Cornelia.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do many of the other vacationers appear to know Hercule Poirot?

2. In chapter 10, with whom does Cornelia tour the sights?

3. What do many of the vacationers notice about Rosalie Otterbourne's behavior early in the novel?

4. Why does Linnet Doyle change seats at dinner in chapter 3?

5. For what reason does Mr. Pennington give for needing Linnet's signature on some documents in chapter 9?

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