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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jackie claim to see while she is talking to Poirot in chapter 5?
(a) A stranger watching them and listening to their conversation.
(b) Tim Allerton watching them.
(c) Simon Doyle watching them.
(d) Linnet Doyle watching them.

2. Why does Poirot suggest that Linnet Doyle has put up with harassment on her honeymoon?
(a) She is not truly afraid.
(b) She likes how it makes her new husband overprotective.
(c) She likes the attention.
(d) She feels guilty for her own actions.

3. What about Mrs. Otterbourne seems to embarrass her daughter, Rosalie, in chapter 3?
(a) Her apparent crush on Hercule Poirot.
(b) Her overly friendly attitude toward Tim Allerton and Simon Doyle.
(c) Her silent, rude behavior.
(d) Her open discussions on sex.

4. What reason does Simon suggest Jackie thinks he married Linnet?
(a) For her beauty.
(b) For her money.
(c) For her social standing.
(d) For her business contacts.

5. What do many of the vacationers notice about Rosalie Otterbourne's behavior early in the novel?
(a) She is very unhappy.
(b) She is a simpleton.
(c) She is cruel.
(d) She is overly joyous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Poirot refuse to do in Linnet's name, but agrees to do as a matter of courtesy?

2. In chapter 5, where does Poirot tell Jackie he has seen her previously?

3. Who is Linnet Ridgeway?

4. Why does Linnet Doyle change seats at dinner in chapter 3?

5. What threat does Linnet Doyle claim has been made against her?

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