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Wode Hall

This is a home in England that an American heiress purchased before the beginning of the novel and spends a great deal of time renovating. This is also the home that the heiress hires a caretaker to help oversee, leading to an improbable romance between the two.

Chez Ma Tante

This is a restaurant where a well-known detective overhears a conversation between two lovers that will later serve as an important key in solving a murder mystery.

Pearl-handled Pistol

This is a weapon that a young, spurned lover will show to a well-known detective while threatening a former friend and lover. This weapon will later prove to have been the murder weapon in a murder that takes place on a cruise ship on Nile River.

String of Pearls

This is a very expensive item that is thought to have been stolen and replaced with an imitation...

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