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Essay Topic 1

Who is Linnet Ridgeway? What is Wode Hall? How have the local people reacted to Linnet's purchase of Wode Hall? What plans does Linnet have for Wode Hall? How has moving to this small village changed Linnet's life? Who is Joanna? What do Linnet and Joanna discuss in the first chapter of the book? How is this significant? Who is Linnet supposedly going to marry? How does Linnet feel about this proposed marriage? Why is this future marriage important to both families?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Jackie? What happened to Jackie's family money? Why is this significant? Who is Simon? How does Jackie feel about Simon? What does Poirot overhear Jackie and Simon talking about? What does Poirot take from this conversation? How does Jackie know Linnet? Why does Jackie go to Linnet for help? What kind of help does Jackie ask for? What is Linnet's...

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