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Short Answer Questions

1. At Perales, Zagal:

2. In 1903, Artemio is:

3. The group is trying to cross the mountains to reach:

4. What two names are mentioned in the conversations of the various guests?

5. What did Artemio do to Lorenzo?

Short Essay Questions

1. There are excerpts from the various conversations taking place at the party. What two people are many of the guests talking about?

2. Why was Artemio's mother?

3. What happens when Captain Cruz and his patrol are tracking Villa's men?

4. How does Artemio amuse himself while lying in his bed at home?

5. Why do they ask Cruz if he can make canoes?

6. What happens as Carranza's troops attack Perales?

7. What is learned in the chapter about Ctalina and Artemio?

8. When Zagal and his troops arrive at Perales, what does Zagal say to Cruz?

9. What happens in the mountains?

10. Who is Lilia?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What was the Mexican Revolution? What side did Artemio fight on? Was he loyal to the government to the end?

Essay Topic 2

The end of each chapter dealt with Artemio lying in bed sick and thinking. Explain how he gradually came to accept his death. Do you think he gave up on living? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Many of the scenes with Catalina and Teresa focus on Artemio's will. Why does Artemio at first refuse to tell them where the will is? Why is he angry at them? What does he think about them?

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