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Short Answer Questions

1. Cruz lies there thinking about:

2. In regards to Gonzalo, Artemio tells Catalina that Gonazlo:

3. The revolutionaries take the injured Cruz to headquarters at:

4. The first think Cruz sees is:

5. Who was Cruz's unit fighting?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the threat that Don Gamaliel faced from his peasants?

2. Why does Cruz have to leave town?

3. Who does Cruz see when he first opens his eyes?

4. Why does Artemio warn Regina about the federales?

5. What do they find when they return to Rio Hondo?

6. What happens when Artemio accepted the nomination for the national congress and made his acceptance speech?

7. What does Artemio do after the business meeting?

8. What does Catalina tell Artemio about what happened before they were married?

9. Who is Regina?

10. Why does Artemio go to visit Don Gamaliel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many of the scenes with Catalina and Teresa focus on Artemio's will. Why does Artemio at first refuse to tell them where the will is? Why is he angry at them? What does he think about them?

Essay Topic 2

Cruz's encounter with Gonzalo Bernal changed his life. Explain how. Was Cruz calculating and determined to get what he wanted no matter what the cost? Why or why not? Explain your reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Was Artemio Cruz a happy man in your opinion? Why or why not? Did money and wealth make him happy? What was he looking for?

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