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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lorenzo thinks that once he has crossed the mountains, he will:
(a) marry Lola
(b) quit the international brigades
(c) find a new unit
(d) return to Spain

2. When Cruz refuses the deal offered by Zagal, he is:
(a) shot
(b) beaten
(c) put in a cell with Gonzalo Bernal and a Yaqui
(d) put into solitary confinement

3. The owner's agent had planned to remove:
(a) Cruz
(b) Pedrito
(c) Ludivinia
(d) Lunero

4. To Artemio, what was different about Regina?
(a) she died
(b) she loved him without money
(c) she left him for another man
(d) she was more beautiful than Catalina

5. Lorenzo is in:
(a) Germany
(b) Argentina
(c) Spain
(d) Boliva

Short Answer Questions

1. Captain Zagal and his troops take Cruz to:

2. Gonzalo Bernal is:

3. Lunero and Cruz live in a:

4. Artemio is at the apartment of:

5. During the battle, Cruz is:

Short Essay Questions

1. Lilia and the man do not have much conversation. What indications is there of who the man is?

2. What is learned in the chapter about Ctalina and Artemio?

3. Who is Lilia?

4. What happens in the mountains?

5. Why was Artemio's mother?

6. Why is Regina different than the other women in his life?

7. What is the cause that Lorenzo left to fight in?

8. What happens when Captain Cruz and his patrol are tracking Villa's men?

9. What does Artemio think about his will?

10. How does Artemio handle Zagal's offer?

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