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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The girl hired for the trip is named:
(a) Teresa
(b) Lilia
(c) Regina
(d) Catalina

2. At Perales, Zagal:
(a) says Cruz will be turned over to Zapata
(b) says Cruz will be executed at sunrise
(c) offers Cruz his freedom in exchange for information
(d) says Cruz will be taken to Villa

3. Laura decides that she:
(a) wants to cook dinner
(b) wants to go for a walk
(c) doesn't want to go out
(d) wants to go to a concert

4. Artemio is at the apartment of:
(a) Laura
(b) Teresa
(c) Luisa
(d) Regina

5. Catalina wants to purchase Laura's:
(a) lamps
(b) brocade embroidery sofa
(c) pearls
(d) wall tapistries

6. Who does Artemio call for while lying in his bed?
(a) Lilia
(b) Teresa
(c) Regina
(d) Catalina

7. In 1903, Artemio is:
(a) born
(b) seven
(c) wenty-one
(d) thirteen

8. What does Artemio want to do to lessen the pain?
(a) he wants a drink
(b) he wants to curl up and sleep
(c) he wants an injection of morphene
(d) he wants to get up and move around

9. Laura and Artemio both enjoy:
(a) visitring gardens
(b) going to the beach
(c) classical music concerts
(d) going to the theater

10. The war that Lunero thinks of is the:
(a) Spanish-American War
(b) battle against the Empire
(c) Revolution
(d) was with Sonora

11. After the morning on the boat, Lilia and the man:
(a) sit by the pool
(b) walk on the beach
(c) lay on the beach
(d) have lunch at the yacht club

12. They met:
(a) occasionally in different cities and places
(b) in Mexico City
(c) when Catalina went out
(d) every week

13. On the yacht, the man watches as Lilia and Xavier Adame:
(a) fight
(b) drink
(c) sun bathe
(d) water ski

14. When the ballroom clock struck three times, Artemio:
(a) ended the party
(b) walked over to Lilia
(c) did nothing
(d) excused himself and went to bed

15. The problem faced by Lorenzo and Miguel is that they are:
(a) deserters
(b) trapped in the town
(c) runarays
(d) criminals

Short Answer Questions

1. Zagal tells Cruz that:

2. Captain Zagal and his troops take Cruz to:

3. Who is the old woman in the mansion?

4. What does Artemio hear said in the ambulance?

5. The man does not tell Lilia that:

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