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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Laura decides that she:
(a) wants to cook dinner
(b) wants to go to a concert
(c) wants to go for a walk
(d) doesn't want to go out

2. What does Artemio hear said in the ambulance?
(a) Dr. Sabines is operating
(b) Artemio will not survive
(c) Catalina saying she loves him
(d) Teresa saying he is pretending

3. The war that Lunero thinks of is the:
(a) was with Sonora
(b) Revolution
(c) Spanish-American War
(d) battle against the Empire

4. Who does Artemio call for while lying in his bed?
(a) Regina
(b) Teresa
(c) Lilia
(d) Catalina

5. Lorenzo tells Lola about:
(a) Mexico
(b) Madrid
(c) the United States
(d) Toledo

6. Catalina lives in:
(a) a mansion in Las Lomas
(b) the Coyoacan residence
(c) her own apartment
(d) Mexico City

7. The man is vacationing in:
(a) Cabo San Lucas
(b) Veracruz
(c) Baja
(d) Acapulco

8. Captain Zagal and his troops take Cruz to:
(a) Hermosillo
(b) Perales
(c) Ri Hondu
(d) Mexico City

9. The new master is:
(a) Antanasio
(b) Pedrito
(c) Juarez
(d) Lunero

10. Master Pedrito is killed by:
(a) Lunero
(b) Isabel
(c) Ludifinia
(d) Cruz

11. What does Lilia want to do after lunch?
(a) take a nap
(b) swim
(c) lay on the beach
(d) go back on the boat

12. On the yacht, the man watches as Lilia and Xavier Adame:
(a) fight
(b) water ski
(c) sun bathe
(d) drink

13. Lilia claims that she:
(a) wants a job
(b) wants to leave Artemio
(c) loves Artemio
(d) has another boyfriend

14. What name does Artemio keep thinking of?
(a) Regina
(b) Lorenzo
(c) Gonzalo
(d) Teresa

15. When Laura tries to pressure Artemio into changing their relationship:
(a) Artemis says no
(b) he agrees to divorce Catalina
(c) they have a fight
(d) Artemio walks out

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens just after Bernal and the Yaqui are executed?

2. The group is trying to cross the mountains to reach:

3. They move through the streets after the bombing and meet:

4. The owner's agent had planned to remove:

5. Artemio is at the apartment of:

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