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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Artemio want to do to lessen the pain?
(a) he wants to curl up and sleep
(b) he wants an injection of morphene
(c) he wants a drink
(d) he wants to get up and move around

2. The man concludes that the secret to success with women is to be:
(a) successful in business
(b) handsome
(c) young and rich
(d) intelligent

3. During the battle, Cruz is:
(a) captured by Villa's troops
(b) taking prisoners
(c) watching thebattle from a distance
(d) fleeing

4. Lorenzo and Miguel are fighting for the:
(a) Italians
(b) Fascists
(c) Republicans
(d) Communisits

5. When the ballroom clock struck three times, Artemio:
(a) did nothing
(b) excused himself and went to bed
(c) ended the party
(d) walked over to Lilia

6. In the ambulance, Artemio thinks:
(a) of his wealth and his will
(b) that he will be given something for the pain
(c) of Catalina
(d) of Teresa

7. The war that Lunero thinks of is the:
(a) battle against the Empire
(b) Revolution
(c) was with Sonora
(d) Spanish-American War

8. When talking to Catalina, Teresa asks if:
(a) Artemio killed Lorenzo
(b) she can divorce Gerardo
(c) Artemio wanted a divorce
(d) Padilla would run the business empire

9. What do Villa's men do when Cruz escapes into the mine?
(a) search the mine
(b) keep on going
(c) barricade the main entrance
(d) shoot into the mine

10. This chapter opens in a:
(a) Cruz's home
(b) hotel room by the beach
(c) the Presidential palace
(d) Cruz's office

11. Captain Zagal and his troops take Cruz to:
(a) Mexico City
(b) Perales
(c) Ri Hondu
(d) Hermosillo

12. Who is present at the party?
(a) Maria
(b) Lilia
(c) Luisa
(d) Lorenzo

13. Who does Artemio call for while lying in his bed?
(a) Teresa
(b) Lilia
(c) Regina
(d) Catalina

14. The man does not tell Lilia that:
(a) she is forbidden to talk to other men
(b) he is the editor of the paper she is reading
(c) he doesn't want her to go on the yacht with him
(d) he wants to take a nap

15. When Artemio wakes up in his bed, he is:
(a) screaming with pain
(b) drifts into unconsciousness
(c) feels about the same
(d) felling much better

Short Answer Questions

1. At Perales, Zagal:

2. The girl hired for the trip is named:

3. While traveling with Zagal's men, Cruz:

4. The owner's agent had planned to remove:

5. Artemio is at the apartment of:

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