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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the priest comes to Cruz, he says that he:
(a) is in a lot of pain
(b) has survived
(c) is dying
(d) wants to make his last confession

2. Catalina asks Cruz if he:
(a) wants to talk
(b) is feeling better
(c) is in pain
(d) wants anything

3. The revolutionaries take the injured Cruz to headquarters at:
(a) Rio Hondo
(b) Hermosillo
(c) Tijuana
(d) Mexico City

4. The next day Cruz meets with:
(a) the new police chief
(b) his lawyers
(c) the President
(d) the police commander from Saturno

5. The plane flight Cruz thinks of is to:
(a) Monterey
(b) Hermosillo
(c) Acapulco
(d) Mexico City

6. Who is Gerardo?
(a) the doctor
(b) Catalina's lover
(c) Teresa's husband
(d) a friend of Padilla

7. Who does Artemio see at the church?
(a) Catalina
(b) a group of nuns
(c) the priest, Paez
(d) Don Gamaliel

8. Cruz leaves the town:
(a) without telling Regina
(b) after telling Regina where to meet him
(c) with Regina
(d) without his horse

9. What does Cruz smell?
(a) coffee
(b) incense
(c) urine
(d) sweat

10. Knowing that he was dying, Don Gamaliel:
(a) told Catalina to divorce Artemio
(b) asked to go to a hospital
(c) disinherited Artemio
(d) planned his own funeral

11. Who is not assigned to travel to the North?
(a) Colonel Jimenez
(b) Major Gavilan
(c) Lieutenant Cruz
(d) Lieutenant Aparicia

12. What does Artemio say to Don Gamaliel about the political and social situation:
(a) troops will protect his estate
(b) the peasants will be crushed
(c) he will lose his estates
(d) they can't stop the course of events

13. The secretary of the Mexican businessman is:
(a) Maria
(b) Teresa
(c) Padilla
(d) Catalina

14. Artemio says he met Regina at a:
(a) restaurant
(b) bar
(c) party
(d) pool of water

15. The gun used in the Russian Roulette game has:
(a) two bullets
(b) one bullet
(c) unknown
(d) no bullets

Short Answer Questions

1. Catalina is:

2. Artemio thinks of his condition as:

3. Cruz remembers business dealings where he made sure his people remained loyal by using:

4. Artemio is a candidate for:

5. Who does Artemio feel deserves a good part of his estate?

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