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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The next day Cruz meets with:
(a) the police commander from Saturno
(b) his lawyers
(c) the President
(d) the new police chief

2. What does the man in the car see as the chauffeur is driving?
(a) a car hitting a man
(b) a dog fight
(c) a bus hitting a cab
(d) two women entering a shop

3. When Catalina and Teresa ask about the will, Artemio tells them:
(a) the bottom drawer of his desk
(b) there is no will
(c) the mahogany box where his cigars are
(d) qhis dresser drawer

4. Cruz is worried that he will be:
(a) considered a deserter
(b) separated from Regina
(c) hospitalized
(d) sent back to battle

5. Don Gamaliel tells his daughter to:
(a) move to Mexico City
(b) marry Ramon
(c) enter a convent
(d) make herself attractive for dinner

6. Who does Artemio see at the church?
(a) the priest, Paez
(b) Catalina
(c) Don Gamaliel
(d) a group of nuns

7. What historic event is taking place at this time?
(a) abolition of slavery
(b) reform of the Catholic Church
(c) the Mexican Revolution
(d) nationalization of industry

8. The gun used in the Russian Roulette game belongs to:
(a) Lieutenant Gavilan
(b) the police commander
(c) Cruz
(d) Saturno

9. Who tries to show affection for Cruz by caressing him?
(a) Catalina
(b) Gloria
(c) Teresa
(d) the nurse

10. Who does Mr. Cruz ask to see:
(a) Teresa
(b) Padilla
(c) the doctor
(d) Catalina

11. The Russian Roulette incident took place at:
(a) a bar
(b) Cruz's study
(c) Saturno's whorehouse
(d) the police station

12. Artemio plans to:
(a) move to Mexico City
(b) foreclose on Pizarro's mortgages
(c) stop making loans
(d) open a new factory

13. Who was the cell mate of Gonzalo?
(a) Ramon
(b) Artemio Cruz
(c) Pedilla
(d) Pancho Villa

14. In June 1924, Artemio and Catalina have been?
(a) married for five years
(b) married for three years
(c) separated
(d) married for two years

15. What do they see when they return to Rio Hondo?
(a) Regina's and other bodies hanging from trees
(b) the restaurant closed
(c) the town on fire
(d) Regina waiting for them

Short Answer Questions

1. Catalina and Don Gamaliel had agreed that:

2. When the revolutionaries charge, Cruz:

3. The novel opens with:

4. Fuentes' style in the Prologue is to:

5. Don Gamaliel's debtors:

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