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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Catalina and Teresa find out about Artemio's will?
(a) he left everything to Artemio
(b) they can't find the will
(c) they are not mentioned in the will
(d) there is no will

2. The Russian Roulette incident took place at:
(a) Cruz's study
(b) the police station
(c) a bar
(d) Saturno's whorehouse

3. Don Gamaliel has many:
(a) creditors
(b) slaves
(c) guards
(d) debtors

4. Other police officers present tell Congressman Cruz that:
(a) they will kill him
(b) they will support him if he complains
(c) he better follow their orders
(d) the meeting never happened

5. Where was Cruz's unit going?
(a) Sonora
(b) Sinaloa
(c) Mexico City
(d) Hermosillo

6. Who was the cell mate of Gonzalo?
(a) Pedilla
(b) Artemio Cruz
(c) Pancho Villa
(d) Ramon

7. What does Artemio say to Don Gamaliel about the political and social situation:
(a) the peasants will be crushed
(b) they can't stop the course of events
(c) troops will protect his estate
(d) he will lose his estates

8. When the President asks what Cruz wants, he replies:
(a) some vacant lots on the outskirts of the city
(b) a position in the Cabinet
(c) prosecution of the police commander
(d) the police commander shot

9. While the women are walking they:
(a) become dizzy and faint
(b) walk into a dog fight
(c) are mugged
(d) get lost

10. The novel opens with:
(a) a conversation between Cruz and his daughter
(b) Mr. Cruz sitting in a cafe
(c) a conversation held in a car
(d) Mr. Cruz regaining consciousness in a hospital

11. Regina considers Artemio to be her:
(a) husband
(b) one night stand
(c) boyfriend
(d) best friend

12. Who is Gerardo?
(a) Catalina's lover
(b) Teresa's husband
(c) the doctor
(d) a friend of Padilla

13. Who is not assigned to travel to the North?
(a) Lieutenant Aparicia
(b) Lieutenant Cruz
(c) Colonel Jimenez
(d) Major Gavilan

14. Dividing up Don Pizarro's land will:
(a) provide work for the peasants
(b) make Artemio wealthy
(c) will require the help of the federales
(d) cause social unrest

15. Artemio visits the Bernal house because:
(a) he wants to work for the Mexican Revolution
(b) Gonzalo asked him to
(c) he needs a job
(d) he wants to meet Catalina

Short Answer Questions

1. The two ladies are:

2. What do Padilla and Artemio work on at the hospital?

3. At the meeting, the Americans discuss:

4. After Gonzalo's death:

5. How much does the man want for securing the concession?

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