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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, 1955: December 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The comment of one of the women is that Cruz is:
(a) a good man
(b) trying to trick them
(c) in a lot of pain
(d) resting comfortably

2. While walking to the restaurant, Padilla tells the man that he:
(a) is quitting
(b) wants to attend school
(c) is getting married
(d) wrote his thesis on Marxism

3. When talking to Catalina, Teresa asks if:
(a) Artemio killed Lorenzo
(b) she can divorce Gerardo
(c) Padilla would run the business empire
(d) Artemio wanted a divorce

4. The event in progress at Artemio's Cayoacan residence is a:
(a) birthday party
(b) business meeting
(c) New Year's Eve party
(d) political rally

5. When Catalina and Teresa ask about the will, Artemio tells them:
(a) the bottom drawer of his desk
(b) there is no will
(c) the mahogany box where his cigars are
(d) qhis dresser drawer

Short Answer Questions

1. Catalina is:

2. What did Artemio do to Lorenzo?

3. At the beginning of the chapter, Cruz, a captain in Carranza's army, is:

4. Don Gamaliel owned land in:

5. What does Artemio want to do to lessen the pain?

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