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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, 1913: December 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After shopping for a while, the two ladies stop:
(a) for a manicure
(b) to have their hair styled
(c) for a cool drink
(d) to relax in the park

2. Regina considers Artemio to be her:
(a) best friend
(b) boyfriend
(c) husband
(d) one night stand

3. Who was Cruz's unit fighting?
(a) the federales
(b) the calvary
(c) the bandits
(d) the army

4. As Artemio moves around with the General, Regina:
(a) stays with her mother
(b) travels to Mexico City
(c) moves from town to town to be with him
(d) remains in the North

5. What do they see when they return to Rio Hondo?
(a) Regina waiting for them
(b) Regina's and other bodies hanging from trees
(c) the restaurant closed
(d) the town on fire

Short Answer Questions

1. Artemio describes his wife and daughter as:

2. While at the house of Bernal, Artemio meets:

3. What does Cruz feel about the affection of Catalina?

4. At the opening of the book, Artemio Cruz is:

5. Who was the cell mate of Gonzalo?

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