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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, 1915: October 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Padilla play tapes?
(a) to irritate Teresa
(b) it helps Padilla deal with the crisis
(c) he needs business answers
(d) he knows that Artemio likes hearing his voice

2. Knowing that he was dying, Don Gamaliel:
(a) disinherited Artemio
(b) told Catalina to divorce Artemio
(c) asked to go to a hospital
(d) planned his own funeral

3. Don Gamaliel's debtors:
(a) have threatened to kill him
(b) don't want to pay him
(c) have paid him fully
(d) are suing him

4. The two ladies are:
(a) shopping for wedding items
(b) grocery shopping
(c) going to the cinema
(d) meeting their husbands

5. Catalina and Don Gamaliel had agreed that:
(a) Catalina would not marry
(b) they would not discuss Gonzalo's wife and son
(c) Luise would live with them
(d) Don Gamaliel would sell his estate

Short Answer Questions

1. At Perales, Zagal:

2. When Cruz refuses the deal offered by Zagal, he is:

3. Don Gamaliel tells his daughter to:

4. At lunch, the two women try to pronounce the name of:

5. After Gonzalo's death:

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