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The Hut

The place where Artemio Cruz was born on a plantation in Cocuya.

The River

The place where Cruz and his lover Regina linger.

The Plaza

The place where the young revolutionary Cruz returns to and finds that enemy soldiers have hanged several civilians in the plaza as an act of retribution.

The Jail in Perales

The place where the captured Cruz is taken and where he meets Gonzolo Bernal.

The Bernal Family Land

This is what makes the Bernal family wealthy since they have little ready cash because of the war.

Mexico City

The place where Cruz's business is based although he regularly travels to the family's various ranches.

The Newspaper

An asset owned by Cruz in which he threatens stubborn enemies with fake stories or keeps negative information out of the paper to collect still more bribes.


A residence of Cruz's and the estate...

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