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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



The book opens with Mr. Cruz lying ill in a hospital bed, just regaining consciousness. People in this situation experience confusion until they get their bearings. Mr. Cruz, like others, is at first aware of physical sensations and then slowly becomes aware of his surroundings. The objective of this lesson is to examine this kind of confusion and how the writing style of Fuentes captures it.


1. If you have ever lost and regained consciousness, you can identify with the opening few pages of the book. If not, think of waking up in the morning and getting your bearings, especially if you are in a strange place. Have the students write an in-class paragraph describing this feeling and whether or not they can identify with Mr. Cruz.

2. The writing style of Fuentes in the Prologue captures the confusion of Cruz as he regains consciousness. Divide...

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