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Qiu Xiaolong
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the picture that Chen finds in Guan's photo album addressed to?
(a) Xie Rong.
(b) Wu Xiaoming.
(c) Guan Hongying.
(d) Comrade Zhaodi.

2. What is the surname of the called Uncle Boa identifies as the man who called Guan the night she died?
(a) Rong.
(b) Wu.
(c) Wrong.
(d) Wue.

3. How does Yu feel about the case in Chapter 10?
(a) They are missing something obvious.
(b) They are spending too much time on it.
(c) They are about the crack it.
(d) They are being misled.

4. Who heads the emergency meeting called regarding Guan's case?
(a) Chen.
(b) Secretary Li.
(c) Yu.
(d) Commissar Zhang Zhiqiang.

5. What clue related to the case does Chen realize is hard to come by in Shanghai?
(a) The type of camera used for Guan's photos.
(b) Guan's perfume.
(c) Caviar.
(d) Guan's designer high heels.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 21, Zhang thinks that Chen __________ him.

2. In the emergency meeting, who is everyone involved in the case told to report to?

3. At what time on the night she died did Guan's neighbor see her leave her dorm with a suitcase?

4. Where does Chen go to examine Guan's photos in Chapter 12?

5. Guan was the public fact of what political party?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lu ask Chen for at the housewarming party, and what does Chen's response suggest about their relationship?

2. What does Chen find when he returns to Guan's dormitory for the third time?

3. What personal information does Dr. Xia's more detailed report in Chapter 5 reveal about the body found in the canal?

4. When an emergency meeting is held for all involved with the case, what is announced and how does Chen feel about it?

5. What good news does Wang call Chen with at the beginning of Chapter 5?

6. How does Wang's news in Chapter 18 affect Chen's focus?

7. What happens with Chen and Yu confront Wu in his home in Chapter 20?

8. What surprising news does Wang announce to Chen during their dinner date in Chapter 18?

9. Who is Bao Guozhang, and how does he help Chen?

10. What is ironic about Chen's thoughts during and after his lunch date with Wang in Chapter 11?

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