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Qiu Xiaolong
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the first woman Yu interviews in Chapter 25 find that Wu keeps, which caused her to stop seeing him?
(a) Naked pictures of all the women he's been with.
(b) Articles of clothing from other women he's been with.
(c) Old girlfriends' phone numbers.
(d) A diary, detailing their sexual relationship.

2. Why does Yu have a hard time relaying to Chen the new information about the case he receives?
(a) Chen refuses to listen to him.
(b) Yu is too afraid of getting caught and fired.
(c) They are in different countries.
(d) They can't appear to be working on the case.

3. What has Chen be reassigned to do in Chapter 33?
(a) A different murder case.
(b) Look after visiting American writers.
(c) Vacation time.
(d) Security at a conference.

4. While on the phone in Chapter 31, what do Peiqin and Chen realize?
(a) They have solve the case.
(b) They are in love with one another.
(c) Yu is setting them up to get arrested.
(d) Their conversation is probably being monitored.

5. How does Li refer to Chen's investigation methods?
(a) Unorthodox.
(b) Expensive.
(c) Immature.
(d) Degrading.

6. Why does Chen want to see Guo Qiang?
(a) Because he provided Wu's alibi.
(b) Because he murdered Guan.
(c) Because he did not show up for work for Chen.
(d) Because he submitted a report against Chen.

7. Who calls the bureau in Chapter 37 looking for Chen?
(a) Ling.
(b) Wu.
(c) Chen's mother.
(d) Wang.

8. What type of relationship did the first woman Yu interviews in Chapter 25 have with Wu?
(a) They were engaged.
(b) She was in love with him, but he was not in love with her.
(c) Purely sexual.
(d) He was in love with her, but she was not in love with him.

9. Who is Guo Qiang?
(a) The man selected to replace Chen on the case.
(b) The man providing Wu's alibi for the night of the murder.
(c) A goverment official who interferes with the case.
(d) Ling's boyfriend.

10. What has Old Hunter discovered in Chapter 26, related to the case?
(a) Wu's location the night of the murder.
(b) Guan's destinatino the night of the murder.
(c) Guan's affair.
(d) Where the caviar came from.

11. Who does Chen visit in Chapter 27, when he is feeling paranoid and discouraged?
(a) Yu.
(b) A counselor.
(c) Wang.
(d) His mother.

12. Who followed Chen in Guangzhou?
(a) Internal Security.
(b) Wang.
(c) Wu.
(d) Zahang.

13. What sort of visit had Ouyang paid for Chen to have with Xei?
(a) "Breakfast in bed."
(b) "Massage service."
(c) "Full Service."
(d) "Half service."

14. What is Old Hunter's job?
(a) Cop.
(b) Traffic patroller.
(c) Hunter.
(d) Store owner.

15. What did the individual who sent the package in Chapter 34 tell Minister Wen?
(a) That Chen is a political and security problem.
(b) That she is Chen's girlfriend.
(c) That Chen must be removed from the case.
(d) That Chen murdered Guan.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Chen respond to Wang's late-night phone call and offer to come over in Chapter 29?

2. What was Xie's relationship with Wu?

3. Who leaves a message for Chen in Chapter 28?

4. When Xie and Guan got in a physical altercation over Wu, whose side did Wu take?

5. When the Americans in Chapter 31 suggest that Chen pick a restaurant for them to dine in, where does Chen pick?

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