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Qiu Xiaolong
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the message left of Chen in Chapter 28 summon him to do?
(a) Get out of town.
(b) Come back to the office.
(c) Meet someone at a local restaurant.
(d) Turn in his police badge.

2. Why does Yu have a hard time relaying to Chen the new information about the case he receives?
(a) They are in different countries.
(b) Yu is too afraid of getting caught and fired.
(c) Chen refuses to listen to him.
(d) They can't appear to be working on the case.

3. When Chen calls Li and tells him what happened with Gui Qiang, when does Li say they will meet to discuss it further?
(a) Next week.
(b) That night.
(c) Immediately.
(d) The next day.

4. Whose information does the first woman Yu interviews in Chapter 25 give Yu to interview next?
(a) Ning Jing.
(b) Jiang Wehe.
(c) Han Lee.
(d) Xei Rong.

5. In Chapter 32, Chen learns of a new witness who has stepped forward. Where did that witness see Wu the night of the murder?
(a) At Lu's restaurant.
(b) Near the canal.
(c) Driving toward Beijing.
(d) At Guan's apartment building.

6. When the Americans in Chapter 31 suggest that Chen pick a restaurant for them to dine in, where does Chen pick?
(a) The Red Heroine.
(b) An American style restaurant.
(c) A waterfront place that sells caviar.
(d) Lu's restaurnat.

7. What key piece of evidence was not used in Wu's trial?
(a) The gun.
(b) A witness.
(c) Pictures.
(d) The car.

8. In Chen's new position in Chapter 37, who does he no longer need to report to?
(a) Zhang.
(b) Li.
(c) Old Hunter.
(d) Yao.

9. What is Old Hunter's job?
(a) Hunter.
(b) Traffic patroller.
(c) Store owner.
(d) Cop.

10. What do Ling and Chen share a love of?
(a) Books.
(b) Chess.
(c) Poetry.
(d) Baseball.

11. What is Ouyang's profession?
(a) Businessman.
(b) Journalist.
(c) Government employee.
(d) Photographer.

12. What did the second woman Yu interviews in Chapter 25 want to do with Wu?
(a) Travel.
(b) Be his manager.
(c) Get married.
(d) Start a business.

13. Where does Chen end up after wandering the streets at night in Chapter 29?
(a) A small diner.
(b) A post office.
(c) Wang's apartment.
(d) He gets lost.

14. What is concerning to Secretary Li and Internal Security about the case?
(a) Wu's safety.
(b) All answers are correct.
(c) The lack of motive.
(d) Chen's safety.

15. Who do Yu and Chen relay information about the case between?
(a) Zhang.
(b) Xei.
(c) Wang.
(d) Peiqin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first woman Yu visits in Chapter 25 to inquire about her relationship with Wu?

2. What is Yu temporarily reassigned to in Chapter 33?

3. What was one reason Ling broke up with Chen?

4. Why does Chen want to see Guo Qiang?

5. When Chen returns to Guan's dormitory in Chapter 36, what does he look behind and finally find the motive for the murder?

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